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“At the award-winning Wildfitness, the idea is simple; exercising outdoors, eating wholesome food and learning healthier ways of living - all in picturesque, natural surroundings.” -Waitrose Magazine, January 2013

Most vacations seem to have a typical theme; relaxation, maybe a little adventure while exploring a new place. But what about trying something completely unique to any other trip you've taken? Wildfitness will offer everything you've ever dreamed of getting out of a vacation, and then some. Wildfitness is a program designed to completely rejuvenate your body from the inside out. Not just by clearing your head with some yoga, but becoming one with nature: using your own body weight and nature around you as your jungle "gym." You are provided with top notch training to get your body the healthiest and fittest it's ever been.


Wildfitness has a few locations to choose from: Kenya, Andalucía Zanzibar, Morocco and the Isle of Wight. Decide how long you want your trip to be, varying from 3 days to 3 - 5 weeks. It's been said that guests loved their time so much, most of them end up extending their stay. Once you arrive, the utmost relaxation techniques are performed to relieve you from your travels. This also allows you to be ready to kick it into high gear over the next few days.

Don't feel intimidated as if Wildfitness is for those already "fit." Wildfitness trainers suit everyone and will coach you through every step. They are your motivators and so is your group around you. Groups usually range up to 16 people (so book your groups ASAP).

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Kenya: Imagine running barefoot (remember, we're one with nature here) on this beach in Kenya. You'll also do exercises in this clear, blue water. Trainers will show you unique, natural ways to work and stretch your body in ways you may have never even thought of.

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Andalucía: Another location is Andalucía. As you can see below, it is a lovely, mountainous area. Bring your hiking boots if you choose this destination.


On your trip you will experience the three main components Wildfitness is all about:

Wild Moving: While they will put you to hard work, they also incorporate "playfulness" into the workouts. They want you to not only work your body, but make it enjoyable for you as well. After all, who wouldn't feel more motivated to work out when you remember it being fun?

Wild Eating: Wildfitness provides you with the tastiest and purely natural foods. These foods are ones that your body was designed to consume, making you feel "light, satisfied, energized and lean."

Wild Living: Wildfitness wants you to learn to respect your body's natural rhythms of rest and recuperation. When you do this, you will achieve results and "stay healthy for life."

Check out Wildfitness for more information here. It is almost guaranteed that you've never seen any "holiday" like this before. Skinny Mom encourages you to get out and get moving, in new and exciting ways!

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