Fall Chores-Turned-Workouts Around the House & Yard

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As fall approaches, we dream of crisp air, beautiful landscapes, pumpkin patches and hot cider — and oh yeah, the never-ending list of fall chores. With the beautiful fall weather comes the tradeoff of many chores to prepare for winter: raking, cleaning out your gutters, window washing, paint touch-ups, etc. Well, since you already have to do those chores, why not put a little extra pep in your step and make them count as workouts? Here's a list of fall chores-turned-workouts.

To figure the amount of calories you will burn, divide the actual minutes you do each chore by 60 (one hour). Then multiply by the calorie amount with each exercise description.


Rake the leaves: Raking leaves is a fall necessity for a healthy lawn, but did you also know you can use it as a work out? The repetitive movements work out your arms and abs and burns up to 195 calories an hour. You'll want to engage your abs and switch arms so you're not working out only one side of muscles. (via WikiHow)

Weed or hoe your garden: Fall gardening is a big part of autumn, and just like raking leaves, the repetitive movements in weeding and hoeing get your blood flowing and your heart racing. Tighten your abs and lower back if you're kneeling down while weeding. You can burn up to 289 calories an hour! (via WikiHow) Check out how else fall gardening is good for you here.

Clean out the gutters: Getting the leaves, twigs and debris out of gutters is a pretty good workout in itself, but next time you're standing on the ladder, tighten your abs and glutes. It will improve your balance and give you an extra workout while you're clearing those gutters for the winter! (via WikiHow)


Washing the windows: Take advantage of the nice weather and clean the external glass on your windows. Wipe in tight circular motions, reaching as high as you can without a ladder. That will work out your abs, glutes and lower back muscles, as well as your arms. Burn up to 180 calories an hour! (via WikiHow) Squirt a few drops of bleach in your window cleaner to give the glass an extra shine!

Touch up paint jobs: Touch up paint jobs that have been withered by the hot summer sun on trim, railings, steps or your deck and burn 300 calories an hour doing so! Tighten your abs when you're painting large surfaces and reach as high as you can before getting on a ladder. (via WikiHow)

Wash the car by hand: Not only will this ensure that your car gets thoroughly clean, but you can burn up to 230 calories an hour while rinsing, scrubbing and washing the car. Try doing squats instead of bending over to dip the sponge into soapy water. (via WikiHow)


Doing a thorough cleaning of the house is essential to keep sickness at bay during the cooler temperatures and seasonal changes, especially if you've got little ones running around. Turning household chores into workouts is simple. Make sure that you're doing at least thirty minutes of activity, and it helps to have a playlist of fun music to keep you upbeat and motivated. Check out our Weekend Household Cleaning playlist here.

Vacuum or sweep the whole house: The repetitive movements of the vacuum going back and forth over the floor strengthens your arms and your core. For an added pep, do some lunges behind the vacuum and burn up to 190 calories an hour. (via WikiHow)


Mop the floors: Mopping is naturally the next step after sweeping or vacuuming. While you're mopping, flex your abs and squat instead of bend when you're getting the tough-to-reach spots — you will feel the burn, and at 195 calories an hour, it's totally worth it. (via WikiHow)

Wash the dishes: Cooking and eating meals is so fun, but hardly anyone looks forward to doing the dishes after the meal. Motivate yourself to get them done faster by doing calf raises while you wash the dishes. (via WikiHow)

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Fold the laundry: Set your basket of clothes on a couch or table next to a wall and get into a wall sit position. See how long you can squat while you do your laundry! (via WikiHow)

Prepare the kitchen for holiday cooking: Not only does cooler weather mean more hearty dishes to cook, but it also means the holidays! Clean and organize your kitchen cabinets to prepare for all the holiday cooking you'll be doing. Use a little elbow grease and Dawn Dish Soap for the perfect cleaning workout. (via Organized Home)