Top 7 Reasons You Should Be Wearing a Sports Bra

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So you've got your new gym shoes, your moisture-wicking workout clothes, fancy headbands and hair accessories, and you're ready to hit the gym. But what about your sports bra? You may think, "duh, of course I brought my sports bra." But are you wearing the right one? Read on to discover why wearing a sports bra — and making sure it's the right type for your bust — is important.

Support: Breasts are unlike any other body part because they don't have any built-in support. Think about your legs or arms; they're made up of bones and muscles that support them. Breasts, on the other hand, are made up of fatty tissue that is supported by frail ligaments called Cooper's ligaments. Cooper's ligaments stretch, and because breasts are made up of fatty tissue, there is no way to tone them like you would a muscle once they are stretched out. Sports bras provide even more support than regular bras and are perfect for protecting those Cooper's ligaments during physical activity. (via Daily Mail)

Minimize movement: Sick of people staring at your bouncing boobies as you exercise? You can't help it, and unwanted eyes on you while you're at the gym is distracting and unnerving. With the right sports bra, your breasts won't bounce around as much while you're running, jumping, etc. (via All Women Stalk)

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sports bra

Maintain breast shape: This one goes hand-in-hand with the support aspect. Wearing a sports bra while doing physical activity (even as light and low-impact as walking the dog) will ensure that the Cooper's ligaments in your breasts don't stretch out to their maximum capacity, because you know what that means: saggy boobs. Misshapen breasts can also lead to breast pain and upper back and shoulder problems. (via Daily Mail)

Comfort: Not only do sports bras give amazing support and coverage, but they are so much more comfortable than a regular bra! Most contain no underwire, so they won't poke you! And the straps are wider so they don't dig into your shoulders and back. (via All Women Stalk)

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Sweat control: Because most sports bras are made out of a soft cotton blend, they're actually able to regulate your body temperature by absorbing your sweat. Some regular bras do not absorb sweat, and it instead pools onto your back and shoulders, leaving you hot and sweaty even when you're just out for a walk on a sunny day. Sports bras easily absorb the sweat you're exerting to keep you cool and dry. (via All Women Stalk)

Storage: The age old storing-things-in-your bra trick isn't lost on sports bras; in fact, some even come complete with pockets so you can store your keys, money and phone while you're exercising! (via All Women Stalk)

Healers: If you've had cosmetic surgery done, you might know that surgeons recommend wearing a sports bra during the healing process. It makes sense after learning about all the support that sports bras can offer! (via Princess with a Pen)

Next time you're packing your gym bag, make sure you've got the right sports bra. What are some reasons why you wear a sports bra?