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When it comes to boy bands, we don't discriminate. Whether they are the traditional 90's boys group like Backstreet Boys or just a group of guys like The Monkees, they are a boy band to us and they've made the list! What gets you pumped up and excited more than a boy band? Probably nothing. Boy bands have a way of crooning their way into your heart and getting you motivated with their choreographed dance moves. Next time you hit the gym, take along your favorite boys!

Everybody  - Backstreet Boys

Larger Than Life - Backstreet Boys

Best Song Ever - One Direction

Kiss You - One Direction

Hangin' Tough - New Kids on the Block

Bye Bye Bye - N'Sync

It's Gonna Be Me - N'Sync

I Want You Back - Jackson 5

Candy Girl - New Edition

Hungry Like the Wolf - Duran Duran

Give Me Just One Night - 98º

 I'm a Believer - The Monkees

Burnin' Up - The Jonas Brothers

MMMBop - Hanson

Glad You Came - The Wanted

Surfin' U.S.A. - The Beach Boys