15 of the Coolest and Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets

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Everyone's dream kitchen is decked out in the shiniest, newest and most helpful products on the market! And while you may still be using the blender given to you as a wedding gift, you can dream big with these insanely awesome (and pricey) products!

Sveid Custom-Made Corkscrew, $70,000: Made with over 50 pieces, this corkscrew is an engineering masterpiece. You've got the option to engrave it, which for that price, you might as well because it's becoming a family heirloom.

sveid titanium corkscrew
(Photo: The Richest)

Skybar Wine Preservation and Serving System, $999: This device has 15 preset wines and will chill your bottle to the perfect temperature. Don't worry about opening a new bottle even though you only want one glass, this Skybar will preserve the bottle for up to 10 days.

Skybar Wine Preservation Serving System
(Photo: Skybar)

Blendtec Stealth Blender, $1,500: One of the most advanced blenders on the market, it promises not to be any louder than a normal conversation, and blend completely with a 3.8 horsepower engine.

blendtec stealth commercial blender
(Photo: Blendtec)

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Mugnaini Wood-Fire Pizza Oven, $8,500: Love pizza? Drop a couple thousand and you could have your very own authentic pizza oven!

pizza oven
(Photo: The Richest)

Fruit Dehydrator, $300: There a lot of of cheaper priced dehydrators, but do you really need it? For the first month or so, you'll dehydrate anything, but soon you'll find it collecting dust.

(Photo: Babble)

Dacor Discovery Wine Station, $5,000: This may seem excessive, but let's be honest, you probably need this in your kitchen. Hands-free and out of reach of small children, it's worth the 5 grand.

dacor discovery wine station
(Photo: Dacor)

Dacor Discovery IQ Wall Oven, $7,500: This wi-fi friendly oven connects to your smart phone or tablet and does everything for you. The chef has to insert the actual dish, but you can chose from a list of recipes, or download your own online, and let the oven set itself! It'll even send a text when it's done and change to warming mode.

IQ wall oven
(Photo: Forbes)

Zub Zero Wolf Freeze Drawers, $4,250: Built into your drawers for easy access, this freezer drawer will make your life easier! They also produce a warming drawer to keep your food prepped!

Sub Zero Wolf Freezer Drawers
(Photo: The Richest)

Margaritaville Margarita Machine, $400: If both you and the entire neighborhood need a drink, then this is the machine for you! This baby makes 72 oz of margarita at once! For some skinny cocktail ideas, click here.

margarita machine
(Photo: Amazon)

Hammacher Juicer, $9,900: Able to juice over 30 oranges in a minute, this is the juicer you need, assuming you need a lot of juice. It's only slightly under $10,000, no biggie.

Hammacher Juicer
(Photo: Hammacher Juice)

La Cornue Rotisserie, $10,000: Maybe juice isn't your thing, but meat is. If you want perfect meat, chicken or fish, and you have 10 extra grand, then this perfectly-equipped rotisserie is for you.

(Photo: La Cornue)

Victoria Arduino Venus Century Espresso Machine, $20,000: Who would ever spend that much on an expresso machine you ask? Well, one was presented to the pope, so him. With only 100 around, this machine is highly sought after by the snobbiest of coffee snobs.

espresso machine
(Photo: The Richest)

Cucina Pro Pasta Machine, $460: If the only time you've made noodles was in a play-doh kitchen set, then you've got to try this! Making fresh pasta helps to keep you healthier, and it's extremely satisfying to have 6 different widths to choose from!

pasta machine
(Photo: Forbes)

Meneghini Arredamenti Refrigerator, $41,000: This refrigerator does just about everything a refrigerator can do. But for that money, we'd want to be able to talk to it and drive it too.

awesome refrigerator
(Photo: The Richest)

Rohl Swing Arm Pot Filler, $2,230: Dragging a heavy pot of water from the sink to the stove is a pain. Instead, spend your next car payment on a special pipe behind the stove so you can boil water without moving the pot!

pot filler
(Photo: Forbes)

What are your favorites? Do you have any fancy kitchen gadgets worth sharing? Let us know in the comments below!