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Want the perfect getaway that you don't have to plan? Escape To Shape does just that, with vacations combining luxury, culture and fitness at unique locations around the world. The locations change throughout the year and provide guests the opportunity to discover the history, people and food of a new, exciting place — all while toning the body, expanding the mind, and meeting new people along the way.

Escape To Shape is unique and convenient thanks to the endless location options and types of trips you can choose from. Some to pick through:

  • Experience the history and culture of Berlin, while also practicing yoga, Pilates, and fun bike tours.
  • Destination Detox (if you don't want to travel internationally, choose the location in Hudson, NY)
  • Stay in an "eco-chic" bungalow in Bali.
  • Daily yoga, hiking, waterfalls, boat trips, picnics and dances! You name it, Cambodia's got it.
  • Have a good location idea? Submit yours to Escape to Shape here!
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What about a getaway just for the weekend to a quiet beach in Montauk, New York? Escape To Shape has that, too. This trip allows you to:

  • Wake up to the sound of the ocean
  • Sip on the best, fresh-squeezed juice to start your day
  • Feel refreshed by a day of yoga
  • Go hiking
  • Even take some paddle boarding courses
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This trip will not only bring you relaxation in the matter of a single weekend, but it'll also get your body feeling stronger and ready to conquer fitness back at home, too. Check out the Surf Lodge for accommodations. 

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Looking for a trip that isn't typical? Explore to Kyoto, Japan. You will be amazed by your surroundings.

  • Discover Japanese temples
  • Explore the exquisite gardens
  • Go to the markets for fresh, authentic cuisine
  • Unwind with daily Vinyasa Yoga
  • Enjoy a massage with your accommodation
  • Take a walk through the bamboo forest
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Escape To Shape encourages you to get out of your box and see the world, and treating your body kindly while doing so. Who doesn't want a vacation like that? Book you and your girlfriends a getaway, a romantic trip for just you and your partner, or even experience it all on your own! No matter how you do it, you won't regret this.

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