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Luxury bootcamp? That may sound like an oxymoron, but there really is such a thing! At The Ranch in Malibu, California, you'll see how. Located three miles above the Pacific Ocean in the Santa Monica Mountains, The Ranch gets you back to nature at its finest. Along with being one with nature, they promise you will gain physical endurance, tone up, detoxify, and maybe even shed some pounds in a healthy way!

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While you will be working your body hard each day, the professional staff will guide you to work in low-impact, moderate activity. Rather than working in short bursts of high intensity, moderate workouts allow you to gain clarity and serenity.

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Not only will the workouts do your body good, so will your incredible surroundings. Whether outside in the beautiful nature, by the exquisite pool, or resting in your luxurious bedroom, every setting will please you.

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"Nestled in nature, with no distractions": Private afternoon massages for you, Monday through Friday. The Ranch has an "unplug and off the grid" policy. Throughout your stay, you are encouraged to unplug from electronics and your worries at home, and fully immerse into the peaceful, natural surroundings within The Ranch.

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Some powerful testimonials:

It's not just about the week one spends at the Ranch, it's the effect it has when you leave. I have continued to lose weight WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL. It is almost as though it has changed my set-point. It's like it resets your metabolism. I was so sure, having hit 50, that those few extra pounds were something I had to accept. Not so, not so at all. The joy at not feeling lumpy over Christmas is a priceless one. Thank you again, guys.

C.S. – London

I am running faster than ever and sprinting again. I am amazed at the strength I gained in a week and the weight and inches I lost. The weight has stayed off and my metabolism is like it was in my 20's. I AM LOVING THE RANCH!! L.B. – New York

the ranch
(Photo: Photo Credit: The Ranch)

Check out The Ranch Malibu for more details. Sometimes it takes treating yourself to a healthy trip to get back on the healthy-living track.

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