7 Fantastic Exercises That Don't Require Equipment

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If your busy schedule just isn't going to let you get the the gym today, there's still the option of dragging the coffee table out of the way and workin' up a sweat in the living room! You can try using one of these great fitness DVDs or pull out some tried and true toning moves that you can do from home — equipment free!

Sit Up: It may sound obvious, but doing sit ups at home are a great way to fit in more fitness! Whether you're making a routine or just squeezing in fitness during the commercial break, sit ups will help tone your tummy! To learn more about sit ups, click here.

sit up

Side Crunch: You can do a crunch easily! So mix it up and work more of your abdominals with a side crunch! Get more details on the move here.

Kickback Pulse: This move is great for working your upper thighs, but holding your balance will also engage your abs! Learn how to do this move by clicking here.

Reverse Crunch: Targeting your lower abs can be hard, which is why this move is so great! It's tricky, but you'll see results! Learn how to do a reverse crunch by clicking here.

>> For another great workout, try toning up using just your body weight!

Scissor Kicks: To really get your abs working, try out these scissor kicks! Get details here!

scissor kicks

Tip Toe Squat: Regular squats are great for toning your tush, so try this variation to tone your thighs at the same time! Learn more here.

Flutter Kicks: Another great ab exercise, these flutter kicks will really test you! Learn more about Flutter Kicks here.

If you still want more workouts to do at home, grab your baby and try using them in your workout!