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(Photo: Photo Credit: Pure Kauai)

Need a getaway without the passport? How does Hawaii sound? Hawaii never sounds like a bad idea and Pure Kauai is the perfect go-to resort. Located on the island of Kauai, also known as “The Garden Isle,” is a dramatic panorama of majestic emerald peaks and canyons dotted with waterfalls. It’s known for its vibrant jungles and rivers that flow down 143 miles into the beaches. While the North Shore of Kauai offers countless opportunities for adventure you can also enjoy the relaxation the beautiful nature offers. Convinced yet?

(Photo: Photo Credit: Pure Kauai)

Imagine to waking up to that view, with a rich cup of Hawaiian brewed coffee. Sounds like the perfect way to start your day.

And once you're ready to begin your day, it's time to choose your activities. What's nice about Pure Kauai is the opportunities to suit each and every personality. Big on water activities? They've got those. More interested in staying on dry land? No worries. They'll keep you busy there, too!


Water Activities:

  • Surfing; Never surfed before? That's okay. Take some lessons with Kauai's excellent trainers!
  • Paddle boarding — a great exercise, along with a beautiful surrounding.
  • Canoe sailing
  • Snorkeling — be guided through the most exotic parts of the deep blue, Hawaiian sea!
  • Kayak tour — work your arms and abs while paddling through beautiful streams, surrounded by gorgeous mountains.

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Land Activities:

  • Hiking — explore mountains and hills you could only dream of.
  • Zip lining — enjoy the thrill and beauty of it!
  • Horseback riding
  • ATV riding (for those with a wild side)
  • Mountain tubing — relaxing and beautiful, enjoy simply floating through the prettiest scenery.

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Up for an Air Activity? Check out Pure Kauai's helicopter tour to see the entire island.

After a long day of activities, unwind with a good stretch or sweat sesh. Pure Kauai conducts private yoga sessions, as well as mat-based pilates sessions. Want to feel the burn? Work your butt off with a personal trainer who will push you to new limits.

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After your adventuring and hard work, a little pampering is acceptable. Choose from massage sessions, mani/pedis, facials and even acupuncture. Bringing your kids along for the trip? Don't worry. While you are getting the utmost pampering, your kids can be taken to child care.

Throughout your stay, you can also have access to a private chef and other gourmet food services that taste good and make you feel good, too.

There are so many perks to choosing Pure Kauai. For more information on this destination to fitness click here!