Get Better Results From Your Personal Trainer

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You've decided to get in shape and you've found the best personal trainer for you. But now what? Make sure you aren't wasting your money! Follow these six steps from Oxygen Magazine so you can get the most out of your personal trainer.

Personal Trainer
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Set your goals. From the moment you sit down with your trainer or blast out that first email, be honest about your goals. If you don’t have a set goal in mind, it will be easier to stop at any moment. However, if you actually write down your goals, then someone else will hold you accountable and will know the exact measures you need to take to reach each goal one lunge at a time.

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Be truthful. “No, I did not have that crème-filled donut this morning.” Sound familiar? If you’re lying to the person you’re paying to get you in shape, you’re definitely cheating yourself. The first step to realizing there is a problem is admitting the truth, and that means being completely honest about your nutritional and exercise habits. Get in the routine of keeping a daily food and exercise journal and make sure to tell your trainer to ask for it weekly so you can each discuss your food choices.

Set a schedule and stick to it. When you’re finishing up a session with your trainer, don’t leave the session without confirming a time and date for the next meeting. If you leave thinking you will check your schedule and get back to him, there is a big chance you won’t. Confirming a date leaves less room for cancellation.

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