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Every house that is home to coffee drinkers is usually also home to extra coffee filters that never get used. Check out this list of household hacks for coffee filters and see how you can save a couple bucks with these nifty tricks!

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Soil saver: Before planting your flowers or seeds, lay a coffee filter at the bottom of your plant pot. It will allow the extra water to drain while keeping the soil inside the pot!

Packing material: Fold the coffee filter accordion style and cut it into strips. You can use this as cheap packing material, as opposed to buying packing peanuts. You can also substitute newspaper for packing peanuts!

Pet cage liners: Perfect for hamster or bird cages, layer the bottom of the cage with coffee filters for an easy cleanup.

Butter spreader: Spread butter or cooking oil on your skillet or pan with a coffee filter. The fibers won't break and come apart in your pan like a napkin would.

Protect chinaware: Place a coffee filter in between pieces of your china set when stacking them to protect the fragile china from scratches.

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Minimize microwave mess: If you're heating something in the microwave that will splatter all over the microwave walls, simply cover it with a coffee filter. You'll save yourself a ton of frustration and elbow grease down the road!

Popsicle drip catcher: To keep your kids' messy popsicles a little more tidy, simply poke the popsicle stick through the coffee filter and it will catch all the drippings. The same goes for an ice cream cone to prevent sticky hands!

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Makeshift rag: If you're in desperate need of a rag or paper towel and there aren't any laying around, reach for a coffee filter. They're lint free so they won't leave behind any residue. The same goes for newspaper or dryer sheets!

Grease soaker: Lay a coffee filter underneath bacon, fries, fried chicken, a slice of pizza or anything oily to soak up the extra grease!

Bacon drippings catcher: Use as a filter when pouring leftover bacon grease in a jar. It will allow the grease to filter through while catching the bacon bits.

Shine control: Keep a couple in your purse and use as face blotters for emergency shine control.

Barbie skirts: Have your little one decorate the coffee filters with markers or paint and then she can dress up her Barbie!

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Clean glass: Good quality coffee filters are made from virgin paper, so they won't leave behind any lint or dust. Therefore, you can use them to clean your glasses, windows, computer monitor, TV screen, smartphone, tablet, etc. The same goes for drying crystal or wine glasses. It won't leave any dust behind and it will prevent watermarks!

Cookie tin liner: They'll absorb any moisture in the cookie containers to keep your baked goods fresh!

Deodorizer: Pour some baking soda in the middle of the coffee filter and wrap it up. Use it in your fridge, shoes, gym bag, or any place that has a less than appetizing odor. The filter will allow the odor to filter through and the baking soda will soak it all up.

Corn desilker: After you've shucked an ear of corn, hold a coffee filter and rub the ear of corn from the top down. The silk will come off easier than with your bare hands!

Bakery magic: Make mini cakes or jumbo muffins! Fill a coffee filter a third of the way full with batter and place it in a shallow circular pan to bake. You can also use coffee filters are muffin tin liners when you're short the real deal.

Celery saver: Wrap your celery sticks in coffee filters if you're not going to be eating them for a while to keep them crispy for a long time.

Cast-iron cookware saver: After washing your cast-iron skillet, place a coffee filter in it to soak up any remaining water and prevent rust.

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Weigh chopped foods: Sometimes weighing chopped foods can be tricky, but not if you throw them in a coffee filter and place them on the scale!

Portable dog bowl: Little Fido won't care what he eats his food off, as long as the food ends up in his belly!

Wine filter: Oops! Did you break the wine cork? Nobody likes a little cork surprise in their glass of wine, so use a coffee filter to keep the cork out of your wine glass.

Nail polish remover: Out of cotton balls? Use your nail polish remover with a coffee filter for the same effect.

Fruit freshener: Keep any fruits or vegetables spot-free in a metal bowl by placing a coffee filter in the bottom of the bowl.

What are some of the ways you use coffee filters around the house? Let us know in the comments below.

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