7 Ways to Keep Your Hands Looking Young

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No matter the journey you're currently on, you have worked hard to get where you are, and your hands have been by your side since day one. They have worked hard for you throughout your years — and sometimes they might show their age. While you might fret about laugh lines and wrinkles on your face, what about aging signs on your hands? Here are seven ways to keep your hands looking young.


Moisturize. Keep those babies moisturized! At least apply lotion every day, but hand cream is even better. Lock in the moisture for smooth, young-looking hands.

Wear sunscreen. Sun damage is the biggest culprit of old-looking hands. Wearing a moisturizer that contains sunscreen can kill two birds with one stone. Sunscreen is important because the sun can get to your skin even while you're doing everyday tasks, like driving.

Exfoliate. Exfoliate dead skin off your hands to keep them looking dewey fresh. You don't even have to spend the big bucks on an exfoliator! Just combine equal parts olive oil and sugar for a homemade exfoliator and rub away. (via Huffington Post)

Get a manicure, but give the polish a rest every once in a while. Showing some love to your cuticles and nails is important to keep your hands looking young. However, remember to give your nails a break in between manicures so they can recover from the last coat of polish! (via Huffington Post)

Bleach the spots away. Age spots aren't forever! You can buy an OTC bleaching cream to get rid of age or dark spots on your skin at your local drugstore! (via Health)

bleaching cream
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Wear gloves while doing the dishes. Water is your hands' worst enemy. If we could hire a professional dishwasher, we totally would, but for most of us, gloves are a decent alternative. Be sure to wear them while doing the dishes to prevent the harsh soap and hot water from ruining your skin and nails. (via Huffington Post)

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Get laser treatment. Got a spare $400? Exilis, a laser treatment that stimulates your skin to make collagen, costs $400 a session, but your fresh, beautiful hands will thank you! Or, you can get injections for $700. Your call. (via Health)