Fast Food Under 500: White Castle



white castle

Fast food is seductive; it comes in large quantities, cheap prices and delicious aromas and tastes. However, that bang for your buck can explode your diet and get you off track. Sometimes fast food can’t be avoided, but the massive amounts of calories that frequently come with it can be. Check out our White Castle menu under 500 calories.

Unfortunately, there isn't an extremely wide variety of food to order from White Castle; sliders, fries and onion rings are pretty much your only options. But we know you might get that sudden craving for White Castle, so we went ahead and compiled a menu under 500 calories.

Cheese Slider: At 160 calories, this classic slider will satisfy your White Castle craving. However, if you want a healthier alternative, the grilled chicken sandwich doesn't have any fattening breading, and contains 180 calories.

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cheese slider
(Photo: Photo Credit: White Castle)

French fries: A small side of fries counts as 330 calories, or you could pick up a kid's serving of onion rings for 210 calories! Pick the fry route and you're at 490 calories, just under our 500 calorie limit. On the other hand, if you chose the onion rings, you'll only be at 370 calories.

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(Photo: Photo Credit: White Castle)

onion rings
(Photo: Photo Credit: White Castle)

Beverage: Opt for a water or unsweetened tea or coffee for zero calories. But if you're in need of a caffeine kick, you might as well throw in a diet soda!

As you can see, healthy options are a little limited at White Castle, but sometimes you just gotta cheat a little bit. This way, you won't completely ruin all the hard work you've done by eating healthy. Less is more, people! Eating at White Castle doesn't have to wreck your diet; all you need to do is a little planning ahead. Check out the nutrition information for their entire menu here.

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