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Has life become a routine with your job and family leading the way? Do you feel the need to break from your regular life within the concrete jungle and reawaken your senses? Then you are in great need of a visit to Travaasa, which was created for just that purpose. They wanted to create a place that embodied the area around it — its culture, its cuisine, its adventures and its sense of well-being. Travaasa currently has resorts in Hana, Maui and Austin, Texas that both offer unique experiences.

hot tube view maui
(Photo: Photo Credit: Travaasa)

Hana sits on the eastern tip of Maui, allowing Travaasa Hana to greet the sun each morning. Surrounded by rolling grass fields and palm trees, the resort will plunge you into the real Hawaii. The daily schedules will keep you busy experiencing all that Hawaii has to offer, from nature-lei making to horseback riding to coastline-bamboo pole fishing.

Even the fitness activities allow you to see Hana up close and personal with Travaasa's coastal walks and workouts.

Outdoor Bootcamp:

You will feel yourself getting fit in this calorie burning session. Trained fitness coaches lead you through an intense boot camp circuit all while being surrounded by the beauty of Hana.

coastal stretch maui
(Photo: Photo Credit: Travaasa)

Go Nuts with Coconuts:

Check out this fun-filled workout using nothing but coconuts! They're not only healthy but they also work surprisingly well as exercise equipment. Travaasa uses the coconuts to make a workout like no other in a series of exercises, including soccer tosses, pushups, planks, coco break dancing and coco squats.

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Greet the Glowing Sun Yoga:

Welcome the sun while practicing Sun Salutations. A class for any skill level that breaks down each movement and transitions to create a seamless sequence and an inspiring mediation.

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Get ready to embrace nature and be inspired by the beautiful ancient live and undulating hills of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Discover the true Austin, Texas with the Farm Tour and Native Flora and Fauna Hike.

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Photo Credit: Travaasa)

Mechanical Bull Workout:

This unique workout uses all your muscles and then some. Be ready for a core workout unlike anything you've ever experienced!

Dance Fitness:

Travaasa Austen offers multiple different dance classes from Texas Two-Step to Samba to Swing Dance. So, put on your dancing shoes and take off some pounds. Look forward to a good rhythm and bringing home some new moves.

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Photo Credit: Travaasa)

Simplified Fitness:

Leave your weights and machines behind and let Travaasa teach you how to use your own body to get a fulfilling workout. They show you how to use your own body's resistance and the earth's gravity to work out anytime, anywhere.

Once you're done with all your adventures for the day, visit the spa or take a meditation class. Then nourish your body with fresh, organic and locally sourced dishes from their restaurant.

To learn more about Travaasa visit their website here. Take time out of your busy routines to experience something new and have a few adventures along the way!