Is Alcohol Screwing Up Your Fitness?

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So it's Saturday night and you have a drink after dinner, which leads to another and maybe one more. While it's a favorite relaxation method of many, it could be ruining your fitness goals that you've been working so hard to reach. Here are some reasons why alcohol is bad for your fitness routine.

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Alcohol dehydrates you. Because alcohol is a diuretic, your kidneys are producing more urine than usual, which dehydrates your body. You need to be hydrated while exercising to maintain blood flow throughout your body, which is essential for circulating oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.

Alcohol interferes with the way your body makes energy. When your body is breaking down alcohol, your liver can't produce enough glucose, which results in a low level of blood sugar. But exercise requires high levels of blood sugar. Not only will your coordination, dexterity, concentration and reactions be affected, but you will also be slower and have less energy, resulting in a less effective workout. (via Drinkaware)

Alcohol can affect muscle growth. Alcohol can and will disrupt your sleep patterns. Then, growth hormones that are vital for muscle growth will be released wile you're in deep sleep. You could also experience reduced testosterone, which is needed for muscle growth. (via Drinkaware)

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Alcohol can increase the potential for unusual heart rhythms. A steady heartbeat is essential for blood-pumping cardio workouts, and having alcohol in your system just places extra stress on your heart. Plus, too much alcohol over time could lead to heart disease, among liver disease and cancer. (via Drinkaware)

Alcohol has little nutritional value. Many alcoholic drinks are loaded with calories and sugars, which is counterintuitive to your fitness goals. Plus, it greatly hinders your judgment, which could lead to a little late-night pizza snacking that you'll regret in the morning.

We are aware that having a glass of wine with dinner has its benefits. We also know that sometimes, you just gotta have a drink every once in a while. That's why we've created skinny margaritas, skinny watermelon martinis, skinny Bloody Marys, apple carrot sangria, skinny cherry martinis and skinny eggnog. Pick your poison, ladies!