5 Workouts To Do Outside, Even In The Cooler Weather

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The leaves are falling and you can feel the chill in the air. Nothing sounds better than curling up by the fire with a hot cup of coffee. Working out just feels like an idea for another day, perhaps a warmer day, but there are so many easy ways to get a workout in! Check out these 5 workouts to do outside, even in the cooler weather.

cold workout
(Photo: Woman's Health Magazine)

Running: It sounds easy enough, right? Just throw on a thermal shirt, your leggings and running shoes and you're good to go! You can run on your street or find your nearest park. The best part is, according to Women's Health Magazine, running in the cooler air burns more calories because your body is working harder. It also boosts endorphins, giving you those feel-good hormones to make you happier.

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Hiking: You can get a workout in and enjoy the nice fall weather. Find a few hiking trails nearby or a nature center. You can see the beautiful multi-hued leaves and burn up to 422 calories per hour. Hiking also works your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, hips and lower legs. (via Glamour)

Cycling: Dig out your bike and helmet and go find a few bike trails. This workout burns an amazing 510 calories per hour! Take a scenic route and give your glutes, hamstrings and leg muscles a good workout. (via Glamour)

Raking Leaves: A household chore that you also seem to dread come fall time. There's no way to avoid it; even though the trees are beautiful, they have to shed their leaves. But who's to say that raking leaves doesn't help you too? Just by raking leaves you can burn 400 calories per hour and get a great core workout. (via Glamour)

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Kayaking/Canoeing: Even though the weather has cooled down, you can still get your kayak or canoe and hit the water. Work out your arms and shoulders to burn about 250 to 400 calories per hour. (via Livestrong)

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Fitness Scavenger Hunt: Mix up your fitness routine and try something a little different! Map out a route along your street or a park and all the landmarks you'll see along the way. Then make a list of bodyweight exercises next to each landmark like pushups, burpees or squat jumps. Now follow your route by jogging or running, and whenever you see one of your landmarks, do 10 reps of the corresponding exercise. This helps to keep you in the moment and give a fun factor to your workout! (via Shape)

With all those workouts in mind, go outside and enjoy the cooler weather. Rake a few leaves and burn some calories while you're at it. Fall doesn't have to pause your workout routine!