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Vaseline is a very versatile product; we know that it's used to treat dry skin and to get stubborn rings off fingers, but how else can you put it to use? Check out our list of Vaseline household hacks!

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Lubricate nail polish bottles: Having a tough time opening your nail polish bottles? Sometimes they get a little sticky, so next time, rub a little Vaseline on the neck of the bottle to prevent the lid from sticking. (via Stylelist)

Keep lipstick off your teeth: Rub a tiny bit on your teeth to prevent lip stick from getting on those pearly whites. (via Stylelist)

Prevent spray tan streaks: Rub a small amount of Vaseline on the backs of your ankles, knees and hands to prevent any spray tan accidents next time you're due for a glow. (via Stylelist)

Lengthen eyelashes: You don't need a prescription to get longer lashes! Simply apply some Vaseline to your eyelashes before you go to sleep. You'll have long, beautiful lashes in no time. By the way, Vaseline also defines and elongates your lashes, so if you're going for a mascara-free day, try some Vaseline for an au naturale look. (via Stylelist)

Maintain your perfume scent: Make that expensive bottle of perfume last a little longer by applying Vaseline to your skin before you spritz on the perfume. It will help to distribute the scent throughout the day instead of your skin absorbing it all in the morning. Plus, then you've got a moisturized neck and wrists! (via Stylelist)

Beat split ends: Everyone gets the occasional (or not-so-occasional) split end in between hair cuts. Just rub a dab of Vaseline on the tips of your hair to fix your problem until your next trim! (via Stylelist)

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Touch up scuffed shoes: Buying a new pair of boots doesn't seem so economically friendly now that you know you can fix the scuff marks with some simple Vaseline! Use this trick on your favorite pair of heels, too! (via Stylelist)

Prevent hair dye stains on your forehead: Sometimes the salon is too expensive to get your hair dyed, so you gotta do it yourself! Only problem is the box hair dye can get onto your skin and cause embarrassing stains. Solution: dab Vaseline on your hairline to prevent your skin from taking on your hair color. (via Stylelist)

Soothe dry skin after shaving: Lock in that moisture that escaped from your legs after that close shave. Another pro tip: rub Vaseline on your dry elbows every day in the winter to keep them baby soft and uncracked. (via Stylelist)

Exfoliate: Add some sea salt to Vaseline and scrub your dead skin away! This is easiest to do in the shower, where you can wash the scrub off and emerge silky and smooth. (via Stylelist)

Easy earring application: Having a hard time sticking your earrings in the earring holes? Just put a little Vaseline on the earring stud and it should slide right in. (via Stylelist)

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Amp up your eyeshadow or blush: Add Vaseline to an old eyeshadow or blush powder to make a cream. You can also apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your eyelids or cheeks before applying the powder for a shiny look. (via Stylelist)

Pluck your eyebrows easier: Rubbing Vaseline on the skin below your eyebrows can soften the skin and make it easier to tweeze those unwanted hairs right out. (via Stylelist)

Remove glue from falsies: The worst part of false eyelashes is the glue, especially when it gets left behind. Use a Q-tip and some Vaseline to get it off your eyelid. (via Stylelist)

Remove makeup: The same goes for makeup! You don't have to spend the big bucks from Mary Kay or Alta for an oil-free makeup remover, because chances are you've already got it in your bathroom cabinet! (via Stylelist)

Moisturize your feet: Before you go to bed tonight, rub your feet with Vaseline and wrap 'em up with a pair of socks. Allow the petroleum jelly to absorb into your feet overnight for softer skin in the morning! (via The Gloss)

Take care of your cuticles: Manicures are expensive. Apply Vaseline to your cuticles every day for beautiful nails. (via Stylelist)

Use as lip balm: Apply Vaseline every day for kissable, smooth soft lips. You can even add Kool-Aid powder to make your own lip stain. (via Stylelist)

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Buff off water rings on your wood table: Somebody forgot to use a coaster (again) and left an ugly water ring behind. Use some Vaseline to buff it out! (via Daily Finance)

Ant-proof your kitchen: Ants can't crawl through the sticky stuff, so apply Vaseline wherever you see ants, especially around the base of your dog's food bowl. (via Daily Finance)

Squirrel-proof your bird feeder: Is your bird feeder slowly becoming a squirrel feeder? Try applying Vaseline to the pole of the feeder. The squirrels won't be able to climb the slippery surface! (via Daily Finance)

Stop doors from squeaking: Got a squeaky cabinet door? Applying Vaseline to the hinges will allow for quieter, easier movement. You can do the same with WD-40! (via Daily Finance)

Keep your carved pumpkin from rotting: After you've finished carving your jack-o-lantern, rub the exposed edges with Vaseline to preserve it for longer. It won't rot away as quickly as it normally would! (via The Gloss)