Fast Food Under 500: Carl's Jr.



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Fast food is seductive; it comes in large quantities, cheap prices and delicious aromas and tastes. However, that bang for your buck can explode your diet and get you off track. Sometimes fast food can’t be avoided, but the massive amounts of calories that frequently come with it can be. Check out our Carl's Jr. menu under 500 calories.

Kid's Hamburger: You can't go to Carl's Jr. and not get one of their burgers! To keep things on the skinny side, order a Kid's Hamburger next time for only 270 calories.

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Carl Jr. Kid's Hamburger

Garden Side Salad: Luckily, Carl's Jr. has the perfect side salad to keep our calorie limit in check! Complete with tomato wedges, fresh cucumbers and even shredded cheese and croutons, this salad will feel pretty refreshing after that burger. At only 110 calories, there is still plenty of room for a low-fat balsamic vinaigrette dressing! With the salad, dressing and burger, our total comes to 415 calories! Not bad for a fast food excursion.

Carl Jr.'s side salad

Want a low-calorie salad dressing option you can make at home? Check out our Light Buttermilk Ranch dressing here.

Beverage: Order a Dasani water, coffee or diet soda to keep that calorie total at 415.

Eating out doesn't have to wreck your diet! All it takes is a little planning. Remember this simple menu the next time your cravings take you to the Carl's Jr. drive-thru, or click here for the nutrition information for Carl's Jr. entire menu.

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