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There's always a point in your day where you think, “I wish I just had some time to myself!” You want to step back from it all, pamper yourself and connect with yourself again. Then it might be a good idea to take a trip to Miraval Resort and Spa! They are located in Tuscon, Arizona nestled in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains.

miraval spa deck
(Photo: Photo Credit: Miraval Resort)

The Miraval Resort's main focus is you and bringing your body, mind and spirit into balance, as you start to live in the moment you become more aware of yourself and your surroundings. They offer a wide range of activities to help achieve that goal! Your sense of oneness can be achieved by taking classes involving horses, photography, healthy living, meditation, yoga and outdoor adventures. Here are a few of their unique adventures Miraval offers.

Out On A Limb: Gather your courage to cross a log suspended 30 feet in the air. Combine your calmness and confidence to overcome this obstacle. They also have a similar class called "Why High" that has you crossing cables 30 feet in the air.

(Photo: crossing a log
Photo Credit: Miraval Resort)

Quantum Leap: This activity is separated into two levels. The first level gets you started by jumping off a 25-foot pole. Expand the edges of your comfort zone and take the leap! The second level has you leaping off a 35-foot pole. After warming up with the first level you can try the second level and see how far your comfort level expands.

Aerial Yoga: In this new yoga practice using the support of silk hammocks suspended three feet from the ground you can flow and fly. It helps to lengthen muscles and release tension throughout the whole of your body. This class also improves your health and overall physical agility.

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Photo Credit: Miraval Resort)

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Core Glide Extreme: With this new cutting-edge class, Miraval helps you to challenge muscles that have been lying dormant. It uses a small rolling platform and nothing but your body weight to give you a challenging workout that encompasses your entire body.

If none of their classes seem like what you're looking for you can just come up with your own program! Through Miraval's fitness program design, you can meet with their trainers one-on-one to create a workout individualized to meet your personal goals. They will even email you a copy of your new routine, so you can implement it into your daily life.

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Finding yourself has just begun with the activities and classes; take a step further and visit their Spa. It blends seamlessly into the surrounding Arizona desert and reflects the resort's core philosophy of living in the moment. It uses nurture, rest and renewal to change you both physically and emotionally, by shifting the focus from the exterior world to the interior sanctuary within the spa and yourself. When you're done with everything, don't forget to take a little time for yourself for personal reflection in the Zen or desert gardens.

(Photo: miravals paentry
Photo Credit: Miraval Resort)

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Miraval Resort sounds like the perfect spot to take a little time to yourself. So, why not start packing now?! You need a couple days away to reconnect with yourself! Visit Miraval Resort and Spa to find more information.

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