Want a Tight Butt Before 2015? Here's How.

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It's never too late to get that killer butt you've been dreaming about! The final months of the year may be upon us, but you can still follow these steps for a tight booty by 2015. Do this routine three times per week with rest days in between. On the days you're working out, do the routine three to four times depending on your fitness level, with 60 seconds of rest in between each set. Don't rest between each move; that way you're getting the most out of your workout!

Power Squat: Do as many of these as you can for a full minute. That doesn't necessarily mean to go fast, though! A steady pace will procure the best results. Learn how to do a power squat here.

power squat

Switch Kicks: Get your heart rate up by doing as many of these in 30 seconds as you can. Here's how to do them.


Intensified Lunges: Sure, you've mastered lunges, but what about intensified lunges? Do 15 intensified lunges on each leg before moving on. Click here to learn how to do them.

intensified lunges brooke griffin move 2

Knee Crossover Kick: You'll feel the burn in your core and butt with this move! Just like with the intensified lunges, make sure to do 15 of these on each side. Here's how.

Knee- Crossover-Kicks_RESIZED-2

Hamstring Ball Tuck: This move pretty much targets your entire body, not just your butt! Make sure to keep that booty up! Learn how to do a hamstring ball tuck here.


That's one set. Rest for a minute and do the whole thing two or three more times and you're done! What are you waiting for? Get your booty into gear!