Use It or Lose It: 22 Bodyweight Exercises To Keep You Strong

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woman posing with strong stomach

Most women think that the only way to get healthy and strong is to lift weights, take fitness classes or use fancy equipment. Sure, all that helps, but they’re not the only options out there. And if you don’t have access to a gym or own any exercise equipment at home, what then? Luckily, some of the best, most effective exercises are the ones that only require your own body. Think you can’t get a good enough workout without using weights or machines? Try these bodyweight-only exercises and see just how well they work:

1. Pushup: Pushups are a tried and true workout move that shouldn't be ignored! Try these 17 pushup challenges if you want to give your workout something new! Click here to learn how to properly perform a pushup.

skinny mom push up demonstration 2. Shoulder Pushup: You can really tone your upper body with this great pushup variation! Learn how here.

3. Diamond Pushup: With tight abs and a straight back, this is another great push up variation to add to your routine! Get details on this move here.

4. One-arm Pushup: Think you're up to the challenge of this one-armed pushup? It's tricky but we think you can do it! Click here to learn how.

5. Wall Sit: Just because it has the word "sit" in it doesn't mean this move is for the lazy! Challenge yourself and see how long you can do it. Then during your next workout, try and beat your record! Click here for more information on wall sits.

6. Tip Toe Squat: Ready to feel your calves burn? Not only will this move work your lower leg, but your buns and thighs as well! Get information on this squat here.

7. One Leg Squat: This move isn't for beginners, so make you're ready for this move and know how to properly perform it!

8. Power Squat: Want a squat that will really hit home? Then learn this variation so you can add it to your workouts!

9. Reverse Lunge: Lunges are a great way to tone your legs, so kick it in reverse! Get details on this move here.

10. Crossover Lunge: Want another lunge variation? This is a great way to work your legs. Learn how to perform this move here.

11. Kickback Pulse: Want to slim your upper thighs? Try out this kickback and see results! Click here to get information on the kickback pulse.

12. Reverse Plank with Leg Raise: Legs, back and arms, oh my! This move does it all! Get details here.

13. Inch Worm: This animal-inspired move is a great way to tone up! To learn how to perform this move, click here.

14. Fire Hydrant: Tone your thighs with this move! It's also a great booty workout. Click here for more info.

15. Burpee: The reason everyone hates burpees is because they are so hard. And they are hard because they are seriously effective! Get details here.

brooke griffin burpee

16. Crab Twist: Work your abdominals in a new with with this great move! Learn how to do it here.

17. Mountain Climber: Get your heart pumping with this move! You can do it as fast or as slow as you need, so it's a great move for all fitness levels! Click here for move details.

18. Scissor Jump: Ready to get your legs and heart working? Try doing these scissor jumps for 60 seconds! Details can be found here.

19. Up + Over: Sort of like a donkey kick, this move will work multiple areas, just remember to keep your abs engaged! To see how it's done, click here.

20. Tuck Jump: When you do this move, it's important to land softly so you don't hurt your knees! Get more info here.

21. Switch Kicks: Work your arms abs and legs with this great move! It'll also get you're heart rate up, so click here to learn how!

22. Star Jump: Come on superstar! Finish up that body weight routine with this fun move! Learn how here.

Don’t let a lack of equipment or a gym membership get the best of you. These 22 bodyweight exercises are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other great exercises that you can do where nothing is needed except your body, hard work and your determination.