The 5 Biggest Benefits of Total-Body Workouts

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Trying to lose weight? Take your healthy eating, combine it with exercise and you're on your way. According to Daily Burn and strength coach and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, Tony Gentilcore, "For 90 percent of people, 90 percent of the time, total-body training is the way to go." So why should you be exercising this way? Find out!

Burn More Calories in Less Time: We seek time-efficiency in every other area of our lives — why not take that same approach to the gym? “You burn a heck of a lot more calories in a given session when you perform a full-body training session as opposed to just doing an arm day or shoulder day,” Gentilcore says. Major muscle groups working together in compound exercises, like squats and lunges, require more energy to coordinate movement, move heavy training loads, and provide oxygen to working muscles than single-joint exercises that only work one or two small muscles.

Build More Muscle: While isolation work is important for muscular hypertrophy, it’s not necessarily for everyone. “Overzealous isolation work one day per week isn’t frequent enough for most people to see gains in muscular size,” Gentilcore says. While we’re all for “leg day,” that doesn’t mean neglecting your lower half for the other six days in the week. With full-body training (assuming appropriate loads and rest), you’re targeting any given muscle group two to three times per week for increased muscle growth, Gentilcore says.

Increase Strength: If getting stronger is your goal, it’s imperative to perform movements that allow you use the most weight, says Gentilocore. Compound exercises such as the squat, deadlift and bench press variations are full-body movements that require the most total-body effort to execute. By making these exercises the mainstay in your workout program, you’ll be challenging your body to continuously — and effectively — build strength.

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