The Best Women's Sport Watches Available

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Are you looking to treat yourself? Perhaps you're trying to find a great gift for a fitness junkie? A watch that can be used on a day-to-day basis but also stands up to a hard workout is a great gift, but can often be hard to find. We found our favorite, most helpful and most stylish sport watches.

Polar-FT4 Women's Heart Rate Monitor: Designed for women, this watch will monitor your heart rate so you can find the optimal level you should strive for in your workouts. It's also water resistant, so don't be afraid to sweat! Check it out!

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Nike+ SportWatch GPS Powered By TomTom with Shoe Pod Sensor: This watch does it all. It has a stopwatch, run reminders, a show sensor to report continuous speed and distance data, measures time elapsed, pace, AND calories burned. It also records up to 50 runs and keeps track of your personal best. Buy this watch here.

nike plus
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Samsung Gear 2 Smart Watch: This sleek watch comes with a wide variety of functions besides monitoring your heart rate that will suit every fitness junkie's needs, and it's a great choice for anyone who uses a Samsung phone or tablet! You can check it out there.

samsung gear 2 smart watch
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Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Running Watch: This is a great, simple-looking watch that offers a lot. Not only does it calculate distance, calories and your pace, but it also compares your current pace to your target rate and identifies personal bests. This watch does even more using its GPS functions. Learn more about it here.

garmin forerunner 10 gps running watch
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Women's Dash Running Watch: If you need a nice gift for a friend that loves to run, this is a great option! A quality watch, not too complicated, and stylish, the Dash is a great staple for any runner who wants to keep track of their progress. You can get more information here.

womens dash running watch
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Suunto Ambit2 R GPS Watch: This watch comes with a belt to monitor heart rate, and the GPS navigation will help you to map out the best routes. This watch will keep track of your speed along with even more data. Check it out here.

Suunto ambit2 r gps
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Deuce Original Sports Watch: This watch is designed to be minimalistic. It comes in 21 different colors, including glow in the dark, and is great for any type of sports, including swimming! You can buy it here.

Deuce original
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New Balance Body TRNr Watch: This watch is like a personal trainer for your wrist. It monitors you 24/7 and resets at midnight every night. It tracks your daily calories burned, acts as a pedometer and records the distance you've gone. You can even download an app and track your progress. Click here to learn more about this watch.

new balance watches body trnr watch
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What are some of your favorite sport watches? Share with us in the comments below!