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You know baby powder as a cornstarch powder that you can use on your baby and sometimes yourself for that nice, dry feeling after a bath or shower. It come as a surprise that you could be using baby powder more around your house for everyday things. Everything from unknotting your necklaces to plumping your eyelashes. Keep reading to find out all the ways you could be using baby powder to make your day easier.

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Protect Flower Bulbs: A great gardening trick that even the experts use is to powder flower bulbs with baby powder before planting them. What you need to do is place about five or six bulbs into a plastic baggy with about three tablespoons of baby powder. Then give it a couple of shakes to make sure that they're all coated. This will help to protect the bulbs from voles, grubs, moles and other rodents. (via DIYN Crafts)

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Unknot Your Necklaces: It's a disappointing sight to see all your favorite necklaces knotted together, right? Now you know that the next 10 to 20 minutes is going to be spent pulling this unsightly tangle apart. There is an easier way, though! Sprinkle some baby powder over your necklaces and make sure it gets into all the crooks and crevices. This will help to loosen it up so it's not as difficult to untangle them. Plus, it will save your necklaces from breaking! (via Good Housekeeping)

Musty Furniture and Books: You know that baby powder has that amazing clean smell, right? So, imagine sprinkling some baby powder on musty furniture and books. It will not only take away the dampness but that old, musty smell as well and add the fresh, clean smell of baby powder. (via DIYN Crafts)

Unsticking a Deck of Cards: It's family game night and you want to play a friendly game of cards, but they're stuck together! Throw your cards into a paper bag with a few tablespoons of baby powder and shake. Afterwards, just wipe the cards off with a paper towel and voila, your cards are clean and won't stick anymore! (via Good Housekeeping)

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Repel Ants: Much like salt and evil spirits, ants can't cross baby powder. They hate the smell, so simply shake a line of baby powder across your windowsills, cracks in the walls or even around your picnic blanket to prevent ants from coming in. (via DIYN Crafts)

Cool Your Sheets: Tossing and turning in a too-warm bed on a hot, sticky night is just awful. That baby powder that you have in your cabinet might just help, though. Just sprinkle some in between your sheets before you go to bed to cool your sheets. It also gives it that nice freshly laundered smell without having to do laundry! (via Good Housekeeping)

Deodorant: Sometimes you run out of deodorant and don't have time to go to the grocery store. Don't worry though, you won't have to go through the day paranoid that that smell is coming from you. Sprinkle some baby powder into the palm of your hand and rub it into your underarms. This will not only eliminate sweaty odors but keep you nice and dry all day. (via DIYN Crafts)

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Glove Friction: If you often use rubber gloves to clean your house you know how difficult it is to get them on. Moisture is what makes it difficult to get them on and baby powder can eliminate that moisture. All you need to do is sprinkle some baby powder on your fingers or in the gloves. Now no more frustration trying to put on your gloves. (via DIYN Crafts)

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Plump Your Eyelashes: Beauty bloggers love this neat little trick! After your first coat of mascara use a cotton swab to dab on a bit of baby powder. It gives your lashes a longer and fuller look. It can even be used to set your make-up. It removes facial oils to keep your make-up intact all day and night. It can even be used to make your make-up lighter if you got a shade that is just a little too dark. Just mix in a little bit of baby powder to get a shade that's closer to your natural color. (via DIYN Crafts)


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Noisy Floorboards: The squeaky floorboards in your house are just plain annoying. Pour baby powder on your floorboards and into the cracks to get rid of this nuisance. Now enjoy your newfound silence! (via Good Housekeeping)

Sweaty Feet: There's a reason you have a mud room: to keep those smelly shoes out of your house! To help eliminate and kill those smell shoe odors sprinkle baby powder into the shoes to leave them selling fresher. Now you don't have to hold your breathe walking through the mud room. (via Good Housekeeping)

Dry Shampoo: Forget buying all those expensive name brand dry shampoos and just use the baby powder you have lying around the house. All you need to do is sprinkle some on your comb and run it through from scalp to root. The baby powder removes all the oil and grease, so now your hair is not only fresh but smells good too! (via DIYN Crafts)

Pet Shampoo: Your family pet is starting to get that smell again. You know the one, where you wrinkle your nose every time they come over for a cuddle or rub. Don't worry if you don't have time to give them a bath. Rub a couple of handfuls of baby powder into their fur and allow it to it sit for a minute before you brush them. It works just like dry shampoo removing the oil from their fur and they look freshly washed. Your pet might actually prefer this to a regular bath! (via DIYN Crafts)

petsgreencleaningPrevent Chafing: For the runners out there, baby powder can help with our chafing problem. In those hotter summer months baby powder can really help you out. All you need to do is sprinkle some powder anywhere that you normally chafe. This will prevent the friction for a pain-free run. (via DIYNCrafts)

Ease Waxing Pain: Waxing is great at removing your unwanted hair but it can be unbelievably painful. You can help to prevent some of that pain by shaking some baby powder on your legs before you wax. It makes the entire process less painful and actually more effective. Baby powder removes the moisture from your legs so when you put the wax on it can adhere to every single hair. In the end, it will also make your legs smoother and less red. (via DIYN Crafts)

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Oily Stains: Grease leaves gross stains on your clothing that you can never seem to get out. Dab some baby powder on the stain before you put in the washer. Use a cotton ball to dab at the stain until all the grease is gone and then launder as normal. (via DIYN Crafts)

Sandy Feet: Be sure to carry baby powder with you if you go to the beach! After having some fun in the sun, sprinkle baby powder any where that those little grains of sand have stuck to your skin. The powder makes it easier to brush the sand off and now you won't still be finding sand in your house weeks or months from now. (via Good Housekeeping)

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