Get It Right, Get It Tight: Kickback Pulse

| Fitness

Get it Right Get It Tight

If you're looking to tone your buns, this move is a great choice. The kickback motion is great for hitting that tricky spot, and it's something you can do all the time, whether your waiting for water to boil or waiting for the commercial break to end!

Step 1: Stand tall and turn to your side.

Step 2: Kick left leg back and lift it so it is parallel with the floor. Make sure your hips remain square facing the wall.

kickback pulse

Step 3: With your leg raised, lift it upward and pulse back and forth for 30 seconds. Keep it as straight as you can. Keep motion small & controlled. Repeat with your right leg for 30 seconds.

Modification (Beginner): Decrease your range of motion: don’t lift your leg as high. Place a light grip on a chair to balance yourself.

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