Burn 100 Calories in 10 Minutes

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Busy moms don't always have the time to spend an hour or two at the gym every day! Wouldn't it be nice to fit in a workout that burns 100 calories in just ten minutes? Well, you're in luck. Check out this ten-minute interval running workout that you can do indoors or out. You'll be back to business in no time!

Minute one: Start out at an easy jog pace in order to get your heart rate up.

Minute two: For minute two, do as many butt kickers as you can. Click here for more details on butt kickers.


Minute three: Sprint as hard and as fast as you can for a full minute. Those calories aren't gonna burn themselves!

Minute four: Recover. Slow to a walk or easy jog and give your body a full minute to recover from the sprints.

Minute five: Tire runs. You don't actually have to have tires in order to do this exercise. Just stand with your feet wider than hip-width apart, pump your arms and drive your knees up and to the side. Keep your feet wide and go as fast as you can for minute five. A similar move you could substitute is the football drill.

Minute six: Sprint again! If you're not sweating bullets at this point, you've at least gotta be wheezing like an old man.

Minute seven: Recover. These recovery minutes are your new best friend! Savor these 60 seconds of walking or jogging.

Minute eight: Pull your knees all the way up to your abdomen to ensure you're burning the maximum calories during this minute. For more info on high knees, click here.


Minute nine: Sprint! This is the last sprint interval of the workout. You're almost there!

Minute ten: Cool down. Walk or jog at an easy pace to cool down after that intense workout.

Congratulations! You've just burned 100 calories! Quick workouts like that are life savers for busy women. To see more, click here.