7 Things You Shouldn't Have to Apologize For

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You are a human. You make mistakes. We all do. Usually, when something goes wrong, you say sorry and move on, even if you don't always mean it. But maybe it's time we stop saying sorry about some things. There are some things in life you don't need to be sorry for! Sorry, we aren't sorry! Huffington Post has found the things if life we should be able to do without apologizing.

Going to bed early: It can be tempting to go out for the evening or stay up to watch just one more episode of "Game of Thrones." But if you're tired, you're tired — and there's nothing wrong with that. Sleep is crucial to our everyday health and happiness. Research shows that too little can hike up our stress levels and lead to other, more serious, health problems like heart disease and obesity. Go ahead and hit the pillow a little early; that episode will be there when you wake up.

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Saying no: Taking on too much at work? Overbooked your calendar? Sometimes you have to say no to things — and that's more than OK. In fact, if you don't stop overloading yourself, it could lead to burnout. As author and sales leadership expert Lisa Earle McLeod points out in a HuffPost blog, in order to stop the chaotic nature of our daily lives, we have to focus on one thing at a time. "Taking the time to examine what will create sustainable success reveals strategies that can free you from the day-to-day scramble. Or at least make it more manageable," she wrote. "Frantic isn't sustainable, focus is more satisfying."

Taking a vacation: Here's a sad reality: Americans are too stressed and too afraid to take their vacation days. But there are countless perks to taking a break from your 9-to-5 — and you shouldn't feel guilty about taking advantage of them. Planning a vacation can actually increase your happiness levels and taking some mental space when you're burned out can decrease stress.

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