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Tea is delicious and is full of antioxidants that are good for you. Those antioxidants are also useful for other things like helping fight wrinkles and disease. A used tea bag is filled with numerous ways of helping you around the house. Who would have thunk! The natural nutrients in teas can help in so many day-to-day activities. Read all the ways you can use tea bags before you throw them in the trash!

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Facial toner: The astringency in tea bags makes for a perfect facial toner. If you've run out or just want a homemade toner, all you need to do is wipe a tea bag over your trouble zones and blot with a towel. (via Divine Caroline)

Flavor meat: Try tea bags for a unique, savory taste for a marinade. It's an odd use for tea bags but it'll be sure to make your meat less tough and bland. (via English.Eastday)

Make less sinful drinks: If you find yourself drinking a lot of sugary drinks throughout the day, try using this substitute. Soak a tea bag in water for a few minutes and then get the same amount of whatever drink you've chosen for that day and combine. It's less sugar and tastes just as good. (via English.Eastday)

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House cleaner: The astringent in tea bags act as a great cleaner! Why buy expensive cleaners when you can make one at home that can remove grease and clean windows, mirrors, linoleum and floors?! (via English.Eastday)

Remove warts: To get rid of those gross, icky warts just soak tea bags in hot water and then place them over your warts for about 20 to 30 minutes. They'll be gone before you know it! (via English.Eastday)

Deodorize your house: If you notice any unsavory smells in your house, place unwrapped and unused tea bags in those stinky places. The unused tea bags will then start to absorb the smells. It can even be used in stinky shoes! (via English.Eastday)

Oral relief: If canker sores are starting to bother you again, bite down on a used tea bag. It will make the pain and sore go away. (via English.Eastday)

Sooth tired eyes: If you've woken up with red and puffy eyes, you know that you'll need a lot of makeup that day. For a quick fix, though, put tea bags that have been soaked in cold water over your eyes. It will rejuvenate your face and get rid of all the puffiness!

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Fertilize Your Plants: The nutrients in tea bags acts as natural fertilizer for your plants. If you remove the bags and add the tea leaves into your soil, it will help to absorb water and retain moisture. (via English.Eastday)

Heal rashes and insect bites: Apply tea bags directly to your rashes and bug bites to reduce itchiness. The tannins help to constrict blood vessels which reduces the swollen tissues that cause the sore and red spots. (via Divine Caroline)

Sunburn and acne solution: Wash your body with cold tea made from used bags to make your sunburn and acne go away. (via English.Eastday)


Heal bruises: The same tannins helps to reduce bruises too! Just place a tea bag over the bruise and it'll heal faster because the tannins stop the leaking that causes the discoloration. (via Divine Caroline)

Natural highlights: If you have a light hair color and want a few natural highlights, just rinse your hair with tea water for a couple of days. The highlights will be more subtle than dramatic. (via Divine Caroline)

Hair shiner: Rinse your hair with a cup of tea to make it shinier and easier to deal with! (via Divine Caroline)

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Get creative: Use tea bags in your craft corner! Tea bags can easily stain your counter tops but you can also use them as a dye. You can dye fabric with them and even paint with tea bags. (via English.Eastday)

How do you use tea bags throughout your house? Let us know in the comments below!

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