Tone & Tighten At Home

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Going to the gym every day can not only be an expensive hassle, but it's also a little unpractical for busy moms. That's why it's important to tone and tighten your body wherever and whenever you have the spare time! Check out these 13 planks that will be sure to transform your muscles from flab to fab.

Pushup Plank: Sure, you can do pushups, but can you hold them for minutes at a time? Learn how to do a pushup plank here.

push up plank

Forearm Plank: A forearm plank is probably the most common type of plank. You'll feel the burn in your core and your arms. Here's how to do it.

forearm plank

Arm Extension Plank: In the spirit of arm extensions, here's another plank that will test your core as well as your triceps. This is how to do it.

arm extension plank

Plank Jack: Get some cardio in with this blood-pumpin' plank! Hang in there! Here's how to do it.


Plank Twist on Chair: This last plank requires a sturdy chair and your stamina. You're almost done! Don't give up! Here's how to do it.

plank twist on chair

Rocking Plank: Moves that test your balance are usually testing your core at the same time, and the rocking plank does just that. It also tests your biceps and triceps! Click here to check it out.

rocking plank

Plank Up Downs: These up downs will get your heart pumping! You'll be begging for a regular plank again. Here's how to do it.

skinny mom plank up downs

Plank Knee Twisters: This move is a little similar to mountain climbers, except you're holding plank form the entire time. Check it out here.

plank knee twister

Traveling Pushup Plank: This plank will really work your shoulder muscles, biceps and triceps. Here's how to do a traveling pushup plank.

traveling push up picture

Mission Impossible Plank: Don't let the name fool you. You can definitely accomplish this plank! Here's how.

mission impossible plank

Pike Leg Kicks: This plank is awesome, because not only does it work your quads and glutes, but your oblique abs as well! Here's how to do pike leg kicks.

Pike Leg Kicks

Plank Rows: Grab a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells and get to work! The weights add some resistance that will build and tone your muscle. Here's how to do it.


Alternating Plank Tucks: These are not for the fainthearted! They'll test both your physical and mental endurance. Check them out here.

alternating plank tucks