Daily Challenges: A Full Week Of Ideas

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It's getting into that cold season again! The snow is just around the corner (or may have already come for some of us), and it just seems nice to stay inside and lounge by the fire while watching your favorite holiday movies. That may seem like a good idea now, but in a few more months when the ground starts to thaw and you realize it's bikini season, you might just change your mind! Here are some challenges that will fill your week up perfectly. Just take it one day at a time and work your muscles.

Day 1: The Forearm Plank Challenge

This will really challenge your arms, shoulders and legs to work for it! Make sure you squeeze your glutes and hold the position as long as you can. Click here to see how to do a forearm plank.

plank challenge

Day 2: The Push-Up Challenge

The push-up is a classic workout. Why mess with something that has always shown results? Follow the tips below and see how many pushups you can do! Click here to see how to do a push-up.

push up challenge

Day 3: The Squat Challenge

You'll definitely feel the burn in your thighs after a few of these. Squats are perfect to do after eating a large meal. If everything goes straight to your thighs, then squats are a perfect way to burn those calories! Here's how to do a squat.

squat challenge

Day 4: The Burpee Challenge

Try out this burpee challenge. It'll be sure to make you feel like you've really worked everything out! Here's how.

burpee challenge

Day 5: The Jump Rope Challenge

Remember the jump rope challenge in gym class? Well, this challenge will bring you back to fun days skipping rope and it will definitely get you into shape. Try this jump rope method.

jump rope challenge

Day 6: The Arm Challenge

Let's work your arms in this challenge! Be sure to do every part of the arm challenge and you just might be able to lift those groceries a little bit easier next time. Click here for push-ups, here for bicep curls, here for chair dips and here for front raises.

arm challenge

Day 7: The Wall Sit Challenge

Now this one is a toughie. Try holding a wall sit for the length of a song, which is about three or so minutes. Your legs will start to burn and you might feel like you can't make it, but fight through it. We believe in you! Here's how to do a wall sit.

challenge of the day

What fitness challenges do you enjoy? Share with us in the comments below!