Total Body BOSU Workout

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Ready to tone up? This workout will hit every part of your body for a great overall workout! Using a Bosu ball, you can target your muscles in a new way that you haven't reached before! Don't have a Bosu ball? You can buy one here!

1. Bosu Bicycle Crunch: Flatten your tummy with this bulge burner! Its a great way to engage all parts of your abdomen and test your balance! Get this move here!

Bosu Bicycle Crunch

2. Bosu Lunges: To tone your legs, perform a classic lunge, but with a twist! By lunging on a Bosu ball you can target your muscles in a new way. Click here to learn more about this move.

Bosu Lunges

3. Glute Kick Out on Bosu: This move will help to tighten your tush! Make sure you're using the proper form. To learn this booty-toning move, click here.

Glute Kick Out on Bosu

4. Bosu Plank Leg Lifts: There are tons of plank variations out there, so why not try one on your newest piece of fitness equipment? For more information, click here.

bosu plank leg lifts

5. Pushup Bosu: Pushups are a great way to tone your upper body! Take it to the next level by doing it with an overturned Bosu ball! You can get more details here.

6. Bosu Plank Tilts: This move will test your core and arm strength. You thought the pushup was hard; just wait until you have to plank and tilt the Bosu ball at the same time! Find more info here.

Bosu-Plank-Tilts_EDIT-3 copy

7. Seated Tuck on Bosu: Finish off your workout with one last ab blaster! You'll be engaging you abs as you perform this move, and working them even harder as you balance yourself! Learn how to perform this move here!

seated tuck on bosu