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Around the house you usually use Ziploc bags to store food and make lunches for yourself and kids. They can be more helpful than storing food, however! Ziploc bags can be used for various things like packing for a vacation, cleaning and baking. Check out all the different ways you can be using Ziploc bags around your house!

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Marinate meats: Throw all your marinating ingredients with the meat into a Ziploc baggie and put it into the fridge. It's a perfect way to have your meat soak up all the ingredients overnight! (via Saving Star)

Funnel: You can snip off the corner of a Ziploc baggie if you're in need of a funnel. Just cut into the narrow-mouthed corner and you're ready to go! (via Saving Star)

Shipping Items: If you don't have any bubble wrap on hand, you can easily substitute a Ziploc bag instead. Stick a straw into the bag, zip it up and then inflate the bag. Once the bag is as big as you need it to be, quickly take the straw out and zip up the bag. Now you have an alternative way to ship any of your fragile items. (via Saving Star)

Packing: If you have any items that require careful packing like shampoo or lotion, Ziploc bags are perfect to store them in. Putting them in the baggies ensures that if the bottles accidentally open up there isn't a mess in your luggage or carry-on. You can also put your shoes in the baggies to keep the stinky shoe smell from seeping into your clothes! (via Saving Star)

Cleaning: Is your shower head clogged? Use this quick and easy method to fix it. Fill a Ziploc bag with vinegar and submerge the shower head in it. You can use a rubber band or string to tie the Ziploc bag to your shower head. (via Saving Star)

Crafts: Your kids can easily make a mess when having fun with crafts. Ziploc baggies can help you with that too! Put some paint in a Ziploc bag, zip it up and tape them to a table over a piece of white paper. They get to have fun by drawing, squishing and tracing letters on the paint without making a mess on your table or themselves. (via Saving Star)

Trash can: You can use Ziploc bags as a makeshift trash bag until you can get to a trash can. The best part is if the trash is smelly, the Ziploc baggie zips it away so you don't get a whiff of it. (via Saving Star)

Storing Items: You can store puzzle pieces, art supplies, hair accessories, toys and even pantyhose with Ziploc bags. It's not just for storing food anymore. For puzzle pieces you can tape a picture of what the puzzle is suppose to look like to the bag in case the box gets ruined. (via Saving Star)

Piping Bag: Your cake is cooling, but you can't find your piping bag for the icing. Don't worry though, just grab a Ziploc bag and cut off one of the corners. It's perfect for decorating a cake or Christmas cookies. (via Saving Star)

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Funnel: Again, you can snip off the corner again of a Ziploc baggie if you're in need of a funnel. Just cut end into the narrow-mouthed corner and you're ready to go! (via Saving Star)

Tenderizing your meat: Put your meat in a Ziploc bag and be sure to zip it up tight. Now use a meat mallet to pound it into thin pieces. Now you don't have to worry about cross contamination! (via S.C. Johnson)

Removing gum: If someone accidentally got gum or wax on your carpet or couch, a Ziploc bag can easily remove it! Just fill a bag with ice cubes and gently rub the gum or wax until it hardens. If it's gum you want to shatter it into pieces and then vacuum it up. If it's wax you want to scrape it off with a spatula. (via Real Simple)

Homemade Ice Cream: Need an afternoon snack for your kids? You can easily make some ice cream. You don't need one of those fancy ice makers from a store; you can make your own homemade ice cream with a Ziploc bag that you already have. (via Saving Star)

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Knead Dough: Put your dough in a Ziploc bag to avoid getting your hands sticky. Now when you knead dough, you won't have to keep adding more flour because the dough is staying on your fingers. (via Real Simple)

How do you use Ziploc bags in your house? Let us know in the comments below!

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