Kettlebell Windmill

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Move Targets: Core (Obliques) and Shoulders


Step 1: Grab a kettlebell with one hand and raise it straight over your shoulder. Stand with your feet a little wider than the hips and let your other arm rest at your side.


Step 2: Look up at the kettlebell and let your resting arm glide down your leg. Your hips will push out to the opposite side, but your legs remain straight. Go only as low as you can with straight legs. Imagine that your body is between two panes of glass. Continue to look at the kettlebell. If you have neck issues, looking down at your toes will be a better option.


Step 3: Exhale and squeeze the lower obliques to help you stand up to your starting position. Perform all your reps on one side, then switch to the other side and repeat.


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