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Nowadays, you may having rubbing alcohol just lying around the house. It isn't used often since you have all those more modern all-purpose cleaners around your house. But why not stop buying those expensive cleaners and use the rubbing alcohol you having hiding back in your cabinet? It's not in a fancy spray bottle with a bright green or yellow color, but it'll get the job done and save you money in the process. Here are some alternative ways to use rubbing alcohol as an all-purpose cleaner around your house!

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Cleans Mirrors: To clean your mirrors of grime and hairspray buildup, just put some rubbing alcohol on a towel and wipe away. Soon you'll have a mirror that is sparkling clean and reflecting back an image that is the fairest of them all. You can also use it on the faucet, tiles and countertop. (via Reader's Digest)

Keeps Windows Sparkling Clean: You can apply this method to windows too! Just mix half a cup of rubbing alcohol with a quart of water and spray. To really make your windows shine you can wipe them down with newspaper. (via Reader's Digest)

Dissolves Windshield Frost: Instead of having to wake up early to scrape off all that frost from your car just fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and water. Spray your car windows with the mixture and the frost will wipe right off! The best part is that with this solution it will stay on for about two weeks to keep frost off your car windows! Now you can enjoy a nice breakfast before your workday. (via Reader's Digest)

Removes Ink Stains: If you happen to get pen ink or permanent marker on your clothes, don't worry. It happens to everyone and it doesn't mean that you are a hopeless klutz. Simply soak the area in rubbing alcohol and blot the area with a paper towel before you throw it in the wash. Voila, the stain will be gone! (via Reader's Digest)

Cleans Your Phone: Have you noticed those oily finger marks on your phone? The dark grime marks around the edges? Maybe it's time to clean your phone. It won't take but a second though, just wipe it down with some rubbing alcohol. It'll look just like new afterward. (via Reader's Digest)

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Erases Permanent Marker: So, it removes ink stains from clothes and permanent marker from counters? This must be some type of miracle worker! You don't have to worry about your little ones marking up your nice tables and countertops anymore. Wiping the area down with rubbing alcohol will dissolve your child's Picasso so you clean it right up. (via Reader's Digest)

Removes Dog Ticks: As much as you hate ticks, ticks hate rubbing alcohol even more. When you find one on you or your dog, be sure to dab the tick with some rubbing alcohol which makes it loosen its grip. From there grab it as close to the skin as possible and pull straight out. From there you can use the rubbing alcohol as disinfectant for the wound left behind. (via Reader's Digest)

Gets Rid of Fruit Flies: Rubbing alcohol won't kill the little buggers like insecticide does, but it's definitely safer than spraying that poison. Find a spray bottle to fill with rubbing alcohol and spray away at the fruit flies. They drop to the ground unconscious so you can sweep them up and throw them away. (via Reader's Digest)

Mosquito Bits and Cold Sores: Rubbing alcohol, if used too much, can dry out your skin. Though in the case of mosquito bites and cold sores, it's a good thing! Drying it out will get rid of the itchiness and reduce the cold sore.

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Makes Shapeable Ice Packs: When you take an ice pack out of the freezer, it's stiff and won't conform to your injured arm or leg. There's an easier alternative though! You can make your own slushy, conformable pack by filling a plastic bag with one part rubbing alcohol and three parts water. The next time you injure yourself you can use your new ice pack that will make all your pains go away. (via Reader's Digest)

Natural De-Greaser: With all the grease buildup your kitchen gets, you'll want to wipe your stove and oven down every once in awhile, but all those noxious fumes from those chemical sprays can give you a headache! You can easily use rubbing alcohol to clean everything in your kitchen like your stove, vent, teapot and even chrome. It doesn't leave an overpowering smell and it evaporates afterward to leave a nice, clean shine. (via Daily Finance)

Removes Sticky Stuff: Those little price tags that leave behind an annoying residue can now be easily taken care of. All you need to do is dab a little rubbing alcohol on it and wipe away. Now you're left with that stickyness. It also works with Band-Aids and stickers! (via Daily Finance)

Health and Beauty: Rubbing alcohol can be used around your house for daily and not just as a household cleaner. You can substitute it for nail polish remover and even clean the backs of your earrings with it. Surprisingly, you can also use it as a deodorant! Combine 15 drops of essential oil with a spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol. Just be sure not to apply right after you've shaved your armpits. (via Daily Finance)

Cleans Microfiber Sofa Stains: It is always so difficult to clean those sofas! It sometimes seems easier to flip over the couch cushion and just be done with it. There's an easier way to keep your couch clean and not have to hide the mess. Spray the stain with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the area with a sponge or cloth. It will clean the couch without penetrating the cushion like water would because it evaporates too quickly. (via Clean My Space)

Disinfects Your Mouse and Keyboard: Cleaning your computer is something you rarely think about. But all those germs and all that buildup that could be on your computer is just gross to think about. You can clean it all up in just a snap with a towel and some rubbing alcohol. It works as a disinfectant, degreaser and you don't have to worry about water damage because it evaporates quickly! (via Clean My Space)

How do you use rubbing alcohol around your house? Let us know in the comments below!

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