Side Step With Crossed Resistance Band

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Move Targets: Outer Thighs (Abduction)


Step 1: Stand with your feet just under your hips and lift the toes to slide the band underneath the arches. Cross the band once and grab a handle with either hand. If you have a lot of slack left, reach through the handles and grab onto the band itself. As you're standing, create a slight bend in the knees to protect your joints.


Step 2: Step one foot out to the side using the glutes and outer thigh muscles to work against the resistance band. Bring the other leg back under the hips, then continue to step in the same direction for three to four reps, then reverse with the other leg.


Real Mom Model: Holly Beck Top: PrisimSport Violet Tank Top Bottom: PrisimSport Classic Capri in Jaquard

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