8 Fun Indoor Activities to Beat Cabin Fever

| Winter

It wouldn't be winter without a little cold in the air, now would it? Time to put on your comfy sweater, start a fire and drink some hot cocoa with those cute little marshmallows on top. Sounds pretty nice, right? Wrong. After a couple of days of being snowed in, it would be understandable if you went a little stir crazy. The alternative, however, is to venture into the cold outdoors, and after being in your nice, cozy house it might not even be an option anymore. Instead, just stay indoors! Try these fun things to keep your mind off your cabin fever.

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sipping cocoa Cook a new meal! Try out a few new cooking skills and cook a meal you've never made before. It's a two-in-one approach to ridding yourself of boredom, because when you're done cooking you'll have all those dishes to clean! Your house will smell great and the meal will be an amazing surprise for your entire family. Plus, we think we know where you can find some good recipes.

Host a dinner party. Since you're already cooking you might as well invite a few friends over to share! Maybe they'll be okay with going outside into the cold. Otherwise, you can tell yourself that you're helping your friends out by forcing them to break their cabin fever.

Exercise. Don't let the cold be an excuse for not working out; your home can be turned into the perfect gym! Find the exercise channel on TV or check out all the great Skinny Mom workouts!

Binge-watch TV shows. After getting in that great workout you deserve a little break. Maybe you can get caught up on your DVR or binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix. Get out the popcorn and watch your favorite drama unfold!

Decorate your home! Being stuck inside your house all day might make you want to redecorate, and since you're the one having to stare at your walls, you might as well! Try getting a little creative by using items that are already in your house to redecorate. You would be surprised at all the things you can repurpose!

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Start a new hobby. With all the time indoors, you can easily pick up a new skill or hobby. You can try your hand at photography, knitting, writing or learning a new language. Who knows, you could book a trip to France in the summer and be completely fluent!

Relax. Enjoy the time inside and spend it focusing on yourself! You can give yourself a nice mani/pedi, have a bubble bath or finish that book that been on your dresser drawer for forever. This is a great opportunity to have some "me" time.

Go outside. As cold as it is outside, eventually you'll have to go out anyways, so it might as well be now. You'll survive even if your teeth do start chattering. It might even lift your spirits a little by running some errands or having lunch with friends.

Don't worry, it won't be cold forever, just a few frigid months. When it's all over you'll be able to say you survived and that you even stayed sane!