5 Household Products You Didn't Know Were Dangerous

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Having a healthy family is one of the most important parts of being a mother, but many unhealthy products linger right under our noses without our knowledge! Check out these unhealthy household products you might not realize are dangerous.

Non-stick cookware: Sure, non-stick cookie trays are super helpful when it comes to cleaning up messy dishes, but the non-stick coating contains a chemical called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). When PTFE is heated, it releases toxic gases that have been linked to cancer, organ failure, reproductive damage and other health risks. If you do own non-stick cookware, avoid using heat with them, because the problem arises only when heat is applied. (via House Beautiful)

Air fresheners: Most of us keep air fresheners in every bathroom, but maybe we should rethink that. Air fresheners contain chemicals called phthalates that can cause hormonal abnormalities, reproductive problems and birth defects. Plus, air freshener can irritate or aggravate respiratory problems like asthma. Try making your own homemade air fresheners for a healthier take! (via House Beautiful)

Antibacterial soap: At first glance, this one doesn't seem like it should belong on this list. But additives like triclosoan and triclor carbon in antibacterial soap are harmful and can be linked to creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which in turn is responsible for viral "super bugs." It could even interfere with immune system development in children. You want to have a clean home, but not necessarily a germ-free home; how else will your children develop strong immune systems? (via AlterNet)

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Furniture polish and stain: Non-vegetable, oil-based stains and polishes are extremely flammable and contain chemicals like phenol and nitrobenzene which can be absorbed by skin and cause cancer. Instead, try using your own homemade furniture polish! (via House Beautiful)

Oven cleaner: Oven cleaner may contain corrosive alkalis, which can have grave effects on your gastrointestinal track and respiratory system if ingested or inhaled. (via House Beautiful)

How do you keep your home healthy despite all the dangerous products on the market? Share with us in the comments below!