8 Moves To Help Tone Your Abs

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Achieving toned abs is one of the most difficult things women can do. To really tone and define your abs you need a combination of cardio and some killer moves that target your abdominal muscles. It's easier to keep to your regular exercise plan, but if you want to focus on your abs you'll need to add a few more moves in. Thank goodness Skinny Mom is here or who else would tell you the ideal ab moves you should use?

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Ab Cyclone: This quick, easy move helps to tone and tighten your lower abdominal muscles. If you don't think you're quite ready for this move, try bending your knees and dropping your legs a little lower to make it easier on you. Here's how to do this move!

Ab Cyclone

Boat Pose Bicycle: If you've practiced yoga before, this move might look familiar. It will help to strengthen not just your abs but your hips and back too! If you want more of a challenge just add weights. Try this move out here!


Glute Bridge: In the starting position, remember to keep your feet flat and knees bent. In the next position, be sure to keep your leg straight and foot flexed with the heal downward. Find out how to do this move here!


Forearm Plank: Planks are a great way to tone your abs. Be sure to keep your body straight from head to heels. For beginners, you can make this move a bit easier by dropping your knees to the floor a few times in the 60 seconds. Here's how to do this move!

forearm plank

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Russian Twist: This targets your obliques as well as your abs. You can add weights to this one too for added resistance! Try this move out here!


Plank Knee Twist: This one engages your abs and obliques too! Be sure not to drop your hips and to keep squeezing your abs. Check out this move here!


Frog Press: Keep your lower back pressed into the floor the entire time and focus on your abs. Make sure they're doing most of the work to lift and lower your legs. Find out how to do this move here!


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Ski Abs with Sliding Disks: You can do this move with a disk or a towel from around your house. Ski abs are a great move to work your core. For added difficulty, add a jump to the move. It will exercise your obliques, as well as elevate your heart rate. Check out this move here!

skinny mom ski abs on disks demonstration