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We love cooking with apple cider vinegar, but did you know that you can use it for all kinds of purposes around the house? It's such a versatile product, it can be used for everything from cleaning to health and beauty! Check out some of the alternative household uses for apple cider vinegar below.

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Sunburn relief: There are few things more painful than a terrible sunburn. Next time you find yourself with a reddish skin hue, add some apple cider vinegar to your bathwater. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties will take both the sting and redness out of your skin! (via Skinny Ms.)

Facial cleanser/toner: Rinse your face with a splash of apple cider vinegar to boost the pH balance. The acidic properties will kill any acne-causing bacteria and leave you with clear skin. Plus, it works as a soothing toner! (via Skinny Ms.)

Breath freshener: If toothpaste isn't quite doing the trick for your particularly stinky breath, try gargling with apple cider vinegar! It's a natural bacteria killer and will ensure that your tongue, gums and teeth are free of any yucky smells. (via Skinny Ms.)

Non-toxic, all-purpose cleaner: Keeping a healthy home is important for a healthy family, but many cleaning products on the market contain toxic products that are actually harmful to your home and family! Mix one part apple cider vinegar with one part water for a non-toxic cleaner you can use anywhere! Just pour it into a spray bottle and you're good to go. (via Greatist)

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Deodorizer: Is there a less-than-heavenly aroma wafting from your refrigerator? First, locate the source of the stink and throw it away. Then place a shallow bowl full of apple cider vinegar where it smells the most and let it do its magic! This trick doesn't have to be limited to only refrigerators, either; try it anywhere you smell something funky! (via Greatist)

Deodorant: What about stinky armpits or feet? Apple cider vinegar can take care of those as well! Simply slap some on your underarms or rub some on your feet and the smell will come right out. It kills the odor-causing bacteria lingering on your skin. The vinegar smell will evaporate so you don't have to swap BO for vinegar smell, either! (via Greatist)


Fertilizer and weed killer: Step aside, pesticides! This natural fertilizer and weed killer will give you a thriving garden in no time. To get rid of weeds, simply pour it on the weed-infested area. For fertilizer, mix 10 ounces of ACV with 10 gallons of water and watch your plants perk up! (via Greatist)

Non-toxic flea killer: Some anti-flea medicine for your pets can be toxic and harmful to their skin and bloodstream, but that is not the case with apple cider vinegar! Simply rub one part water and one part ACV on your pet and rub it into his or her skin. The fleas won't even know what hit 'em! (via Greatist)

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Dandruff remover: Next time you can't get rid of dandruff, mix one teaspoon of ACV and a glass of water and rinse your hair with it. It changes the pH balance of your scalp, which halts yeast growth and gets rid of greasiness, itchiness and irritation. Say goodbye to expensive dandruff shampoos! (via Greatist)

Wart remover: It's a fact of nature: warts happen to the best of us. But there is good news! Soak a cotton ball in some apple cider vinegar and attach it to the wart overnight to get rid of it! (via Greatist)

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Sinus clearer: Get rid of your stuffy nose with some ACV. Drinking a mixture of water and ACV stops bacteria from growing in your sinuses, and the potassium in apple cider vinegar could help thin out the mucus in your nose. (via Greatist)

Sore throat soother: Gargling or sipping on a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water creates an acidic environment in your throat that stops cold-causing germs from thriving. Mix a quarter cup of ACV with a quarter cup of warm water, gargle it, and experience inexpensive relief. (via Greatist)

Teeth whitener: Pricey teeth-whitening systems will seem ridiculous when you realize the power of apple cider vinegar! Simply rub it into your teeth once a day and rinse! You'll notice a brighter smile after a couple days. Another way to utilize ACV for teeth whitening is to rinse with it. That way, you'll kill a couple birds with one stone (i.e., bad breath, sore throat, stuffed-up sinuses, etc). (via Greatist)

Aftershave: Give this tip to your hubby, or use it yourself if you have particularly sensitive skin. After shaving, slap on a mixture of one part ACV and one part water. It soothes your skin and reduces irritation and redness. Don't worry; that vinegar smell will dissipate with time! (via Greatist)

Upset stomach soother: If you've got symptoms of an upset stomach (constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, etc.), drink a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. It will help calm down your tummy and get your bodily functions back to normal. (via Greatist)

Sore muscle reliever: After working your muscles so hard, they sometimes cry out in pain with every slight movement! Put them at ease with ACV, which contains acetic acid, a property that soothes muscle pain. It's a cheaper solution than muscle cream and definitely worth a shot! (via Greatist)


Itch reliever: Slap some ACV on bug bites, poison ivy or even a jellyfish sting to experience immediate itch relief. (via Greatist)

Detoxer: If you want to detox your body without all the difficult-to-complete detox and cleanser plans, try adding a splash or two of ACV in your meals. It can improve your lymph circulation, which can help you build immunity and fight disease. (via Greatist)

Energy booster: Stay away from those sugar-filled and dangerous energy drinks! Instead, try this natural energy booster: two teaspoons ACV per every two cups of water. Add honey if you don't like the taste. Apple cider vinegar contains high levels of potassium and enzymes which will give you your pep back in no time. (via Greatist)

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