12 Moves To Tighten Up Your Tummy

| Fitness

Even with daily exercise, it can be tricky to flatten your tummy. By eating right, working out and incorporating some of these abdominal focused moves, you can achieve the tummy you've been dreaming of!

Advanced Russian Twist: You may have done a Russian Twist before, so amp it up with the more challenging modification! To learn more about the move, click here.

advanced russian twist

Bosu Side Crunch: Target your obliques with this side crunch! By doing it on a Bosu Ball, you can target your stomach in a new and different way! Learn the move here.

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Frog Press: This is a great ab move that you may not have tried before. It's an overall strengthening move for your core, so it's a great exercise to add to your routine. Learn it here.

Boat Pose Cycle: This move will tone and tighten, getting you a step closer to your flat stomach! To get step-by-step instructions, click here.

Butterfly Sit-Up: Work both your abs muscles and your hip flexors with this sit-up variation! It's great for toning your tummy. Click here to get more information.

Ab Cyclone: Turn on Baby Bash's "Cyclone" and get to it! This move has your legs up in the air and your tummy tight! Click here for instructions.

ab cyclone

Fish Crunches: Get your obliques in shape with this fish crunch! It'll help to work off any flab on the sides, and give you that pleasant soreness the next day. Learn it here.

Toe Touch: This isn't the toe touch you might be thinking of. This move consists of laying on your back and reaching up, using you abs, toward outstretched feet. Get instructions on this move here.

Stability Ball Crunch: Work your abdominals and hip flexors with this move. Adding the stability ball to this crunch gives your body a wider range of motion and lets you work your abs in a new way. Learn this move by clicking here.

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Flutter Kicks: This can be a challenging move, but if you've got lower belly fat, this is a great way to get rid of it! Try doing this for a whole 60 seconds. Learn the move here.

flutter kicks

Scissor Kicks: Keeping your legs raised will work your abs, but this scissor motion takes the cake! Click here for more information.

Waist Trimmer: Slim down with this great move! It'll trim your sides and work your hip flexors. If you are looking to shed some inches, this is a great option! Learn the move here.