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Fast food is seductive; it comes in large quantities, cheap prices and delicious aromas and tastes. However, that bang for your buck can explode your diet and get you off track. Sometimes fast food can’t be avoided, but the massive amounts of calories that frequently come with it can be. Check out our Noodles & Company menu under 500 calories.

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With Noodles & Company, there are many different combinations to choose from.

Med Salad + Tomato Basil Soup: This Mediterranean salad comes complete with romaine lettuce, mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, red onion, olives, cavatappi pasta, spicy yogurt dressing and feta for only 170 calories!

med salad
(Photo: Photo Credit: Noodles & Company)

As if all that weren't enough, you can add a bowl of tomato basil bisque for a total of 470 calories!

tomato basil bisque
(Photo: Photo Credit: Noodles & Company)

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Spaghetti + Tossed Green Salad with Fat-Free Asian Dressing: Who doesn't love spaghetti? Hold the meatballs and it only comes to 310 calories! Add a tossed green side salad with balsamic dressing for a total of 380 calories.

spaghetti meatballs
(Photo: Photo Credit: Noodles & Company)

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Spinach and Fresh Fruit Salad + Ciabatta Roll: If you're not in a pasta mood, try Noodle & Co's delicious spinach and fresh fruit salad! It's got seasonal fruit, crumbled bacon, pecans, focaccia croutons, red onion and blue cheese atop spinach with a balsamic fig drizzle, all for 300 calories. Still hungry? Add a ciabatta roll for a total of 420 calories.

spinach fresh fruit salad
(Photo: Photo Credit: Noodles & Company)

>> Recipe: Tandoori Chicken and Spinach Salad

Eating out doesn't have to ruin your diet! All it takes is a little planning and portion control. Craving something from Noodles that you don't see above? Check out their entire 500-calories-or-under menu here! Looking for other fast food restaurants you can dine at for under 500 calories? Click here for our entire Fast Food Under 500 series.