Staying Healthy During The Holidays Starts With H2O

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If you want to be healthy — truly healthy — you don't just need to eat right and exercise, but you also need to hydrate. Two-thirds of your body is made up of water! Without H2O in your body, you literally wouldn't be able to function. Your lungs, muscles, bones, brain and blood is made up of some part water. It also helps keep your blood flowing and your skin healthy. Water is a necessary component to your everyday life.

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If you don't drink enough water every day it's easy to get dehydrated. You're tempted to have that can of soda rather than a plain glass of water. You might even count your cup of green tea as a water substitute, but nothing can beat having a glass of actual water. Green tea has water in it, but pure, untouched water has the healthy properties that your body needs. It doesn't seem like that big of a difference, but it makes a big difference to your body!

When your body doesn't have enough water you become dehydrated. It's easy enough to mistake these symptoms for something else. Keep a watch out for indigestion and gastrointestinal issues like aches, cramps, constipation and diarrhea. Dehydration is not always as severe as having diarrhea, you might just be feeling a little off or your stomach hurts. Try a glass of water before resorting to other solutions.

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Making sure you have plenty of water in your system has positive health benefits too. The water you drink makes sure that you can absorb the proper nutrients and it helps to digest your food. By promoting good digestion, water can act as an easy weight loss trick too. It also helps that you're avoiding that high-sodium, high-sugar soda!

Water also has the added benefit of helping your skin look clearer. It helps to cleanse your body and keep it clean from the inside out starting with your skin. If you keep your body hydrated, you can reduce the amount of wrinkles and fine lines you have! It also helps to keep your skin from drying out.

Other benefits of water?

  • Prevents memory loss as you age
  • Lessens discomfort from back pain or arthritis
  • Allows for sufficient cell repair
  • Lessens addictive urges
  • Better muscular function
  • Sharper mental abilites

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This holiday season, be sure to drink plenty of water. It's always easier to go for that cup of hot chocolate or green tea but nothing can beat a glass of old fashioned, pure water! Plus, it'll help keep your hands from getting dried out and cracked in the cold weather.

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