10 Products to Help With Chafing

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There is nothing worse than the burning and itchy irritation that comes from chafing. Not only is it painful, but the redness of the irritation can be embarrassing as well! How can you stop it? We've got 10 different solutions for you to choose from, whether it's prevention or treatment!

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Überlube: This is a medical-grade lubricant great for anyone who has serious chafing issues. It will last for many long, sweaty hours and promises to be odorless and colorless. Get some here.

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SportShield Silicon Liquid Roll-On: If you know you are prone to chafing, than this silicone based products can help stop it! Roll it under yours arms, or even on toes to prevent blisters! Purchase it online here.

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Body Glide: For chafing and blister prevention, this stick has no petroleum and goes on like deodorant. You can purchase a regular version, or one with sunscreen. Order it online here.

body glide
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Gold Bond Friction Defense: Gold Bond is a trusted brand. This product is a bit sticky, but is great for any chafing spots, like armpits, thighs and under the bra. Order online here.

gold bond
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Mission 5 Hour Anti-Chafe Cream: Also available in a stick, this product has a high melting point, so it will last as long as your workout! Buy it online.

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Skin Strong Silk: This is a spray-on anti-chafe product that can be applied anywhere. It's a hygienic option if you intend on sharing, and if you wear a heart rate monitor, it works well under it! Order some here.

silk skin
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Squeaky Cheeks Anti-Chafing Powder: This is a powder product and has a pleasant minty smell. You can buy this in a bottle or in single-use packets. Find it online here.

squeaky cheeks
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Monistat Soothing Relief Anti-Chafing Powder-Gel: If you've got itching, burning skin, try this Monistat on the affected areas! You can buy it online here.

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Spandex Compression Workout Shorts: For a chafe-free workout, slip this on under your normal workout attire. They will keep your thighs from rubbing regardless of workout intensity! You can get some here.

compression shorts
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Bandelettes: This products is not meant for the gym, but if you're going to be somewhere where sweating will happen, like an outdoor event, then this is a cute, fun way to stop chafing. Bandelettes stay securely around your thigh to keep them from rubbing together. Order some here!

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