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Here's an item that most houses have: an ice cube tray. Nowadays, it might just be lying in some some drawer, useless. There's little need for ice cube trays because the handy dandy freezers already do that for you. You might be ready to throw that seemingly useless item out, but don't! Not yet. Check out all these other nifty ways you can use ice cube trays around your house!

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Cheesecake bites: You can make yourself a entire tray of chocolate covered cheesecake bites. It's already portioned out for you too. Find the recipe here!

Frozen herbs: You can easily freeze your herbs so they don't go to waste; just pack each little square with herbs like oregano, sage, thyme and rosemary. You'll want to pack each square with 2/3 herbs and 1/3 olive oil. It's perfect for the next time you want to cook a nice dinner. Just thrown one of the herb cubes into the skillet for some delicious flavor! (via BuzzFeed)

Frozen baby food: Make your own baby food and freeze it for future use. That way it won't go bad and you'll save on expenses. (via BuzzFeed)

Coffee ice cubes: Pour coffee into your ice cube trays and freeze. The next time you want some iced coffee, use your coffee ice cubes instead of regular ice cubes. This way your iced coffee won't end up watered down when the ice melts. (via BuzzFeed)

Preserving your cooking ingredients: Ice cube trays are a perfect way to preserve all different types of food. One of the best attributes of the ice cube tray is that it's already portioned out for your ingredients. You can preserve tomato sauce, pesto, buttermilk, your greens, chicken stock, garlic butter and even wine! (via BuzzFeed)

Sushi: You'll feel like a master roller when you're done making your own sushi. Using an ice cube tray as a mold is a perfect way to make sushi rolling easier and to enjoy the taste of sushi at home! (via BuzzFeed)

Jello shots: Have a little fun one night and invite a few friends over to make some jello shots. It uses gelatin, simple syrup and berries and vodka of your choice to create an ingenious concoction. (via BuzzFeed)

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Smoothies: If you're a big planner, this is a great idea for planning your smoothies ahead of time! Combine yogurt and bananas. Then put that combination into your ice cube trays to freeze for later. For a morning, lunch or dinner smoothie just pop a frozen yogurt-banana square into your blender for a thicker, tastier smoothie! (via BuzzFeed)

Peanut butter cups: Remember the chocolate-covered cheesecake bites? Here's another yummy dessert you can try out using ice cube trays! Try out an organic recipe for peanut butter cups here! They're so good you won't want to go back to store-bought peanut butter cups. (via BuzzFeed)

Popsicles: This hack should be somewhat familiar. For a cool, summer treat make a few mini popsicles. You can add your favorite fruit juice with some fresh fruit. Or if you want, just make fruit juice ice cubes and add it to seltzer water for a fruity, fizzy drink. (via BuzzFeed)

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Hot Chocolate: Make your own hot chocolate on a stick! It's a great gift idea or you can keep the idea to yourself and enjoy it by the fire. After you've made the chocolate ice cubes on a stick, you'll put it in a cup and pour hot milk over it to create that delicious treat. Find the recipe here! (via BuzzFeed)

Portion control: If you know that you're bad at portion control, ice cube trays are a great fix. The next time you're making cookies just make half of them and put the rest in the ice cube trays. When you want another cookie you can easily just make one (or maybe two) and they're already portioned out! (via BuzzFeed)

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To see more alternative uses for ice cube trays, click “next” below.

Clean your garbage disposal: When you want a fresh, clean garbage disposal just drop a cube or two of frozen lemon slice and vinegar down the disposal and run over it. Just put one lemon slice in each ice cube slot and fill them up with vinegar to make the homemade disposal freshener. (via DIY and Crafts)

Make crayons: Don't throw your kid's crayons away when they break! Put all the broken crayons — without the wrappers — into a silicon ice cube tray and put it in the oven. The crayons will melt and make new crayons. If you want, you can even make the crayons into new shapes using shaped ice cube trays. (via DIY and Crafts)

heart shaped ice cubes

Seed bombs: To add color to your boring outdoor area just make a few seed bombs. Ice cube trays are a great way to help shape your seed bombs and mold them properly. (via DIY and Crafts)

Dishwasher detergent tablets: Don't buy those expensive dishwasher detergents when you could make your own! You can find a recipe for a great detergent here! It'll make all your dishes clean and shiny with no cloudiness. (via DIY and Crafts)

Freeze eggs: You don't need to worry about using up all your eggs before their expiration date anymore. Crack each egg into an ice cube square. You can freeze them to use later. Just not to microwave them when you want to thaw them or else they'll start cooking. (via DIY and Crafts)

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Jewelry box: Earrings and rings fit perfectly in the little squares. You can even stack the ice cube trays on top of each other to save on space and keep all your jewelry in one place! (via DIY and Crafts)

Sugar scrub cubes: Make your own sugar scrubs for that nice clean feeling. This recipe gives you a sugar scrub that isn't goopy and is portioned out to the perfect size. Each time you can, just grab one of those little sugar scrubs to use in the shower and it'll leave you feeling pampered and exfoliated. (via DIY and Crafts)

Frozen fresh berries: Avoid your frozen fruit clumping together in the freezer by using an ice cube tray. Fill each square with water and a few berries. The water will keep the berries from getting freezer burn. Later, when you want some fruit just thaw the cubes or use it to flavor your water. (via DIY and Crafts)

fruit in ice cube tray

Storage for craft supplies: For those small craft supplies like buttons or push pins, ice cube trays are a great way to store them! It's a great way to store them and never lose those tiny craft supplies ever again. (via DIY and Crafts)

Paint palette: For when your little ones want to try figure painting, just put the paint into the ice cube squares. You can even use your old ice cube trays that have cracks in them. The paint is thicker so it won't drip through! (via DIY and Crafts)

Frozen flavors for water: If you're bored with plain water you can easily flavor it with a few choice ice cubes. Simply put lime or lemon juice into your ice cube trays to create flavored ice cubes for your water. You can use whatever flavor you like for better tasting water! (via DIY and Crafts)

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How do you use ice cube trays around the house? Share with us in the comments below!

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