15 Playlists You Need for 2015

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From a roll in the hay to a super intense workout, we've got a playlist for you! We picked out our favorite 15 playlists to get you through 2015!

Baby Makin' Music: Is there any better way to set the mood than a little Marvin Gaye? Surprise your hubby with some grown-up time tonight with this playlist!

Weekend Household Cleaning Music: Cleaning is not fun, but it can be made better with some impromptu karaoke as you go! Click here to listen.

Music to Run To: Get in a good run with this playlist! It is designed to start you off with some fun, upbeat songs and then melds into more intense and motivating music as your run gets harder. Check it out!

Rock Your Zen Yoga: Forget your troubles with this calm playlist. These happy songs will put you in a great mood as you stretch away your stress. Click here to be taken to his playlist.

Early Morning Energizer: Can't get yourself out of bed in the morning? This pleasant playlist will have you in a great mood so you can have a great day! Click here to see it.

Evening Unwind: Put the kids to bed, start this playlist and treat yourself to some alone time. You'll find yourself in a better mood and will be ready for a great night's sleep. Check out the playlist here.

Girls' Night Out: Finally! You've made time for your ladies' night! Set the mood with these fun songs that you and your girls will love to sing along to after a few glasses of wine. Click here to be taken to this playlist.

Old School 80s Step: Ready to sweat, ladies? Dust off your leg warmers and get ready to step with these awesome 80s hits. See the list here.


Boy Band Beats: It's okay, you can admit it. You LOVE boy bands. We do too. From today's One Direction, to the 90s' Back Street Boys and all the way back to The Monkees, we've got a boy band for every fan girl! Click here to see if your favorite boy band made the list.

Girl Group Mix: Whether you belted it out in the car or it got you through your first heartbreak, these girl group songs all come with a flood of memories! Enjoy the girl power here.

The Best of Beyoncé: B, Bey, Queen B. However you refer to her, we know you worship her. We've devoted an entire playlist to this fierce mama! See it here.

The PMS Playlist: It's your time of the month and we think you should embrace the fire and sass that comes along with PMS! We picked out songs from our favorite divas to get you through shark week. Check it out here.

Confidence-Boosting Music: Feeling down on yourself? We think you rock, and so should you! Here's a playlist that tells you just how fabulous you are. Listen to it here.

Girl Fight: Boxing is a great workout and a great way to release your stress. To accompany you and the punching bag, we created a playlist with full of girl power. Get the full list here.

Music for Meditation: Wheather you're a yoga enthusiast or you just need some quiet time, this soft and soothing playlist is just what you need. Click here to check it out.