Fast Food Under 500: Qdoba Mexican Grill



Fast food is seductive; it comes in large quantities, cheap prices and delicious aromas and tastes. However, that bang for your buck can explode your diet and get you off track. Sometimes fast food can’t be avoided, but the massive amounts of calories that frequently come with it can be. Check out our Qdoba Mexican Grill menu under 500 calories.

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With Qdoba, we have a few delicious options.

Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowl: Picture a burrito bowl stuffed full with grilled chicken, brown rice, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, roasted chile corn and lettuce. At 460 calories, this burrito bowl will satisfy your most intense Qdoba craving. If you're more of a pulled pork person, substitute pork for chicken for a total of 430 calories.

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3 Crispy Tacos: If burritos aren't really your thing and you're craving some tacos, we've got the best bet for you. Opt for three crispy taco shells; you can get one grilled chicken, one grilled steak and one pulled pork taco, all filled with pico de gallo, lettuce and fajita vegetables for a grand total of 435 calories.

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Taco Salad: Unfortunately, the crunchy flour tortilla bowl would set us over the edge calorie-wise, so let's stick to a regular, non-edible bowl. Fill it with tons of lettuce, grilled chicken, pico de gallo, roasted chile corn, shredded cheese, fajita veggies, black bean and corn salsa and Qdoba's fat-free Picante Ranch dressing for 480 calories. Your stomach will thank you and you'll be able to walk out of Qdoba for under 500 calories!

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Eating out doesn't have to wreck your diet; all it takes is a little portion control and planning. Next time your chaotic schedule and cravings take you to Qdoba, just remember this simple menu, or click here for nutrition info for Qdoba's entire menu.

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