5 Steps to Keeping Your New Year's Resolution

| New Year's Resolutions

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Keeping a New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be as difficult as others would suggest. To make 2015 a year of success, stick to one resolution, and follow these simple steps. You’ll find that while others throw in the towel early, you’ll be going strong until 2016.


Step 1: Create one specific New Year’s resolution. A simple goal to “eat more healthily” is likely to fail because it is far too general. Instead, figure out what eating healthily really means. Is it eating more organic vegetables? Or perhaps cutting down on fried foods? Then, set specific guidelines and benchmarks to accomplish your goal. For some ideas, check out these 50 weight loss tips to try out in the new year.

Step 2: Write your resolution down in a journal, and track your progress throughout the year. Visualizing your resolution, and having opportunities to reflect on your successes and setbacks, can continue the momentum. Do you dread putting pencil to paper? Use your computer and start a private or public online blog!

Step 3: Start small, and don’t become overly ambitious too soon. Tom Connellan, author of “The One Percent Solution" explains that many fail to achieve their resolution because they only think big. Rather, we should concentrate on realistic goals that aren’t completely life-altering.

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Step 4: Find a friend that will help to motivate and re-invigorate. This can bolster success for any resolution, and is especially helpful for weight loss and fitness goals. Registered dietitian Maria Faires on FITDAY suggests, when you exercise alone, you may not notice the progress you’ve made, but a partner can more clearly see your achievements.

Step 5: Anticipate setbacks, and ask for help when you need it. Many find themselves frustrated when they slip up. In fact, according to Statistic Brain, 46 percent of people quit all together just after six months. If you’re finding it a challenge to continue, ask for help! Chances are, your family and friends want to see you accomplish your goals too.

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