Live a Healthier & Happier New Year with These Products

| New Year's Resolutions

You've made your New Year's resolutions and now you've got to stick to them. At the beginning it is easy to feel motivated, but then life gets in the way. We've rounded up some products to help keep you on track with your goals, whether that be to exercise more, eat healthier or have more "me time."

Fitness and nutrition journal: Setting goals and keeping a record is a great way to stay on track with your health aspirations. This Fitlospohy Fitbook Journal helps to plan for 12 weeks of healthy living. It has a schedule for workouts, logs for food, before and after measurements and motivational spaces. You can purchase one online here.

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Fitness and activity tracker: Track your progress and stay motivated with a fitness tracker! It's a great way to keep yourself motivated, especially if you're wearing it on your wrist as a constant reminder of your goals! You can purchase a Fitbit here, or learn about some other great products by clicking here!

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Scale: Owning a quality scale is essential to tracking your progress. Try and view your scale as something to encourage your progress instead of your enemy! This WiTScale is powered by Bluetooth and not only records your weight on the app, but can measure your BMI and more. It's easy to use and very convenient! You can purchase it here.

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Fitness videos: At the start of the new year, the gym is a zoo. And you won't always have time to get to the gym during your busy day. At Skinny Mom, we think fitness videos are a great way to keep in shape, especially when the gym isn't an option! Whether you choose an intense program like P90X, or something a little more tame like this Walk On DVD set, a home workout is a great option for the new year!

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Vitamins and supplements: To stay healthy, it's important that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. You can check out our Glossary of Supplements to learn about the different things your body needs and how to get them! Some important supplements you could be missing out on are Omega-3s, Iron and Vitamin C, which you can purchase by clicking.

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Motivational calendar: Keep it at work, on your dresser or on the bathroom counter! This calendar has a page for every day, each dedicated to making you smile. Let this calendar brighten your day, every day, for a happier 2015! Buy one here!

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Yoga mat: Yoga is a great way to relive stress. Having a yoga mat of your own ensures that you can strike a pose whenever you're in the need of some zen! You can purchase one of these cute yoga mats and stretch your way to a happier you!

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Organizers: De-clutter your life and find a place for everything with some handy organizers. You can try out this plastic organizer for your bathroom counter, this spice rack and this handy stand for all of your pans!

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