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You may have played tennis back in the day, but now your racket is somewhere in your attic or garage collecting dust and those tennis balls are in various places around your house, useless. Your tennis racket might be a tough one to reuse around your house, but when it comes to tennis balls you'll want to start looking for a couple of those to use. There are tons of ways you can reuse those fuzzy, off-yellow tennis balls. Check out all the ways you can use tennis balls around your house!

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Erase scruff marks: If you're noticing scruffs on your nice wood floors, grab one of those tennis balls you happen to have lying around somewhere and cut an X into it. Push the tennis ball onto the end of a broom handle and rub over the scruff marks on your floors. They'll come right off!

Protect padlock: Again, cut a slit into your tennis ball and slip it over your outdoor padlock to protect it from the elements. That way, water won't get into it and freeze overnight!

Remove broken lightbulbs: It's frustrating when the bulb has broken once again and it's still in the socket! Thankfully, using an old tennis ball has made this task a little bit easier. Clear away the broken glass and then lightly press a tennis ball against the light socket, twist and remove!

Stress ball: If you're having one of those stress-filled days, grab a tennis ball and start squeezing. The ball has enough resistance to fill in for your stress ball and it can even strengthen your hands and arms over time!

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Install parking guide: Here's an easier way to let you know when you've parked your car all the way into the garage. Hang a tennis ball from the ceiling of your garage so that it touches the top left corner of your windshield when you're far enough in the garage. You won't have to worry anymore about if you've pulled in far enough!

Laundry: For those items like towels and comforters that you want to be fluffy but don't really care too much if they smell like lavender or wild flowers, try throwing a few tennis balls into your dryer. They work just as well as those dryer balls shown on TV, just without the added scents.

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Open a jar: When those tough pickle jars seem like they just won't open, go get that tennis ball. You'll want to cut it in half and use one half of it to grip the sides and then twist to get the cap off. Voila!

Doorstop: Why go to the store and buy one of those fancy doorstops when you can just grab a tennis ball from your garage? It works just as well. All you need to do is wedge the tennis ball between the door and the doorjamb!

Pool cleaner: The tennis balls will float on top of your pool's surface and catch all the goop that seems to collect there. A nice little home remedy that helps that take off that greasy sheen from the top of your pool!

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Protect your floors: Grab a few of your tennis balls and cut X into them again. Then put them onto the end of your chairs' legs to protect your floor from scruffs and nicks. This helps you to avoid having to redo your floors. This trick can also be done for walkers to help them move across floors more easily.

Childproof corners: If you have a small child coming over and you're worried about her hitting her head on a sharp corner, go for those tennis balls again. Cut an X into a few of them and push them onto those dangerous corners. It might look a bit tacky for a while, but at least you won't have to worry about rushing her to the ER later.

Sanding: When you're sanding those curves, it can be a bit tricky. You want it to be sanded evenly without any rough patches. Wrap your tennis ball in sandpaper next time to make sure you get everything perfectly sanded!

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