Side Lying Abductor Kick

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Move Targets: Outer Thighs (Abduction) and Hip Flexors


Step 1: Lie on your side on a mat/floor with your legs lengthened straight away from your body or tucked in (as shown). Stack your feet in neutral position. Your lower arm can be bent and placed under your head for support or propped up under your shoulder (as shown). Your hips and shoulders should be stacked up and aligned vertically to the floor. Gently raise the upper leg off the lower leg. Keep the knee straight and the foot in a neutral position. Do not allow the hips to roll forward or back. Both knees should be "looking" straight ahead. Continue raising the leg until the hips begin to tilt, the waist collapses into the floor or until your feel tension develop in your low back or oblique muscles.


Step 2: Exhale and crunch the knee into the chest. Inhale and return the leg to your starting position in a slow, controlled manner. After completing your set, roll over and repeat with the opposite leg. 


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